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A day of coordinator can save the event day by being present and on site to ensure that event set up and execution of services go off without a hitch. Hiring a day of coordinator benefits not only the wedding couple or event host, but the entire vendor team and venue as well.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why a day of coordinator is beneficial:

1. You want to handle most of planning process yourself but would love assistance on the day of your wedding or event.

To help clarify the difference between a full-service event planner and day of coordinator, let’s define what they both mean and how they work to help you. A full-service wedding planner basically handles everything for the couple, from start to finish.

An event planners’ tasks would include the overall design and vision of wedding, keeping the wedding couple within their budget, handling contract negotiations and the hiring of vendors, as well as execution of the event vision on the day of the wedding.

A wedding day coordinator on the other hand, will jump into the planning process a few weeks to a few months prior the big day. You would be in charge of your event vision and vendor selection but on the day of the wedding, the day of coordinator would be there to ensure that set up and execution of services goes off without a hit. If issues arise, they are there to handle for you so that you can continue to enjoy the special day.

A day of coordinator can be essential for any wedding couple who wants to do most of the planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they want a professional to execute all of their hard work and planning.

A day of coordinator can join the planning process at various points leading up to the wedding day. Some couples book their day of wedding coordinator a year out from their wedding date as they know the value of ensuring a coordinator will be available to them. Some couples call on a day of coordinator closer to their wedding date, maybe two months out, as the stress begins to take a tool. Maybe they didn’t realize they would need help but ultimately decide that receiving day of assistance for coordinator of day of details is a the best course of action.

From the time of the contract, a day of coordinator should do monthly check-ins, can provide amazing vendor recommendations when needed, give advice and guidance through their planning process while providing wedding day management on the day of the wedding.

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2. You want to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Having a professional day of wedding coordinator to handle the logistics is so essential. Not only does a day of coordinator help to relieve stress leading up to the day of the wedding, but on the actual day of, a wedding couple should be able to enjoy themselves at their wedding and not worry about a thing.

Rather than “work” on your wedding day or task a friend or relative to be on call to address any issues, let a day of coordinator come in to handle vendor coordination and the overseeing of set up and schedule of events for the day.

A day of coordinator will work with your vendors to ensure the timeline is adhered to, details are in place, and set up is going as planned. If an issue arises, the day of coordinator is there to tackle and manage, rather than left in the hands of the wedding couple or couple-appointed friend or relative. Why make a friend or relative do the dirty work if they don’t have to, right?

The main goal for a day of wedding coordinator is to ensure that the wedding couple feels like actual guests at their own wedding.

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3. You are working within a budget.

Maybe you wish you could hire an event planner but are working within a tight budget which doesn’t allow for the added expense. In this situation, there’s a happy balance. You handle most of the planning process but hire a day of coordinator to assist you with the day of logistics. This way, you have someone there who is involved in the process and knows all of the vendor details. The day of coordinator will be there for set up and will speer head any issues which may arise so that you do not have to worry.

A day of wedding coordinator will be logistically focused and available to you to get everything organized as you lead up to the day of the wedding. They will assist you with timelines and vendor day of coordination, and any other day of questions or tasks you may have.

They are there to take over on the day of the wedding to ensure that all details that are planned, are executed so you don’t have to worry about it.

4. You want an increased level of organization.

Wedding planning requires critical organization and attention to detail in order to keep everything in order for seamless execution. With the help of a day of coordinator, organization and attention to detail is a main focus and easy to achieve.

As the process is new to almost all wedding couples, a day of coordinator can assist their clients in understanding logistics for what needs to be planned and addressed during the process. Included in the advice should be the use of easy-to-use planning tools to streamline planning and make the process more efficient.

Allseated is often recommended by day of coordinators for the numerous benefits of the cloud-based collaborative planning tools. Easily store and manage the event guest list within Allseated. Design the floorplan to-scale using intuitive tools with the ability to view the layout in 2D, 3D, and even virtual reality. With a direct link from the guest list to seating, it’s simple and efficient to arrange the seating chart. Reports can be generated which are useful to the venue, catering staff, and calligraphers, while multiple timelines can be created as well for day of vendor details and bridal planning too.

Vendors appreciate the use of collaborative planning tools as they can view the floorplan layout, add their details, and virtually tour the floorplan. This allows for a more seamless and accurate set up on the day of the event.

Working within the collaborative timelines, vendors are not only able to enter their information, but view the details and tasks for the rest of the vendor team’s set up too. A day of coordinator is able to review the timeline and floorplan with the vendor team in the days leading up to the event and on the day of the event too, to ensure everyone is in sync and no questions remain.

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As the wedding day approaches, the day of coordinator can help to construct the detailed vendor timeline timeline and run of show for the day of the wedding, confirm and manage all vendors, and become their point of contact. The wedding day coordinator will also monitor event setup as well as organize the bridal party and family for the ceremony. And may most importantly for the wedding couple’s mindset, the day of coordinator is there for damage control in the event that a logistical issue arises on the day of the wedding.

5. Your venue requires a planner.

Not always but fairly often, a venue may require you to have an event planner or day of coordinator for the day of the wedding. As always, you want to outline all details and venue requirements before signing a contract with your venue. Ask the important questions, including the question of do you need to have an event planner or day of coordinator for your wedding. The venue may require this as an extra level of organization and precaution, knowing the benefits of a day of coordinator and how valuable they can be for the flow of set up and schedule of events.

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