Beach Venues In California Are Highly Sought After For Events

Getting married on the beach, especially in California, offers a wedding couple and their guests a magical experience filled with the natural beauty of the sun, surf, sand, and ocean as a backdrop to their special day.

Planning a beach wedding requires a process. First you need to consider if making a list of beach venues in California to explore is what you want to do or if you want to host your own wedding on the beach.

Hosting a beach wedding will involve understanding and adhering to rules and regulations. Before deciding that selecting a list of beach venues in California is your best option, you may wish to explore the beach wedding regulations and policies.

First, it’s important to check the laws for the location you are favoring. California is a big state and each county has its own set of laws. Since the beach is a public space, it is ruled by county rules and legislations. Usually you will need to obtain a beach wedding permit as well as pay an insurance fee. These are not fees you would typically need to be when selecting beach venues in California. These are fees you incur should you choose to create your own wedding on a beach.

There are some exceptions. In the area of Santa Monica for example, beach weddings are on a first come, first serve basis and require a maximum of 150 guests. Typically however in other parts of California, you will need to provide 15 to 30 days advance notice of your wedding date.

While still deciding between beach venues in California and hosting your own beach wedding, the best thing you can do at the start of your planning is call each county directly for information. Laws and regulations change often so speaking with someone directly is the best option to ensure organization and accuracy to your planning.

San Diego County: 619-688-3260

Orange County: 949-492-0802

Los Angeles County: 310-457-8185

Ventura and Santa Barbara County: 805-648-4059

If you decide to select a list of beach venues in California to choose from, consider location before going any further. Where in California would you like to have your wedding? Where will the majority of your guests be coming from? Is northern California a better spot for you or is southern California your best option? You will want to factor in if the beach venues in California on your list are local to your family and guests or if additional travel expenses will be incurred.

After determining your ideal location, beach venues in California can then be sought out and organized for review via internet search in keyword areas such as San Diego beach venues, Orange County beach venues, Carmel Beach weddings, and San Francisco beach weddings, to name a few.

When narrowing down your list of beach venues in California, be sure to keep your budget and guest list in mind. This will help you to select the best beach venues in California to meet your needs.

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