Allseated Vendor Events Layout For Your Event Planning Needs

Using Allseated, vendors are able to create their vendor events layout which assists them in organizing their details while creating a way to communicate their needs to the venue and other vendors involved in the event.

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While in-person meetings and final walk-throughs still need to happen, having a vendor events layout allows all of the event professionals working the event to understand each vendor’s role and requirements ahead of time.

Each vendor is responsible for including their details and requirements in the vendor events layout.

Vendor Event Layout

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The Entertainment Company:

Whether it’s a DJ or band (or both!), the entertainment company’s event layout may include the design for their staging layout that will show the dimensions for their needs during the event. The layout may also include their lighting equipment, plasmas, photo stations or entertainment stations, sound, power needs, dance floor dimensions, DJ staging booth and facade and the staging plot for instrumentation layout.

Vendor Event Layout


Photographers are not often involved in the event layout details of an event.. However, if photographers can gain access to a 2D or 3D floorplan of the event, they can then use this information provided in the layout to better manage their time and tasks constructively in order to capture all of the elements via photo and video.

Photographers will be able to add their needs to an event’s layout so that it includes a reserved area for formal photos as well specific times during the event that they will need to take specific photographs.

By adding a photographer’s needs to a vendor events layout, the caterer and set up team will have the photographer’s photo spots ready when needed during the event.

Vendor Event Layout

Rental Company:

A rental company may create an event layout to show where their rentals will be place at the venue. A floorplan with furniture along with a listing of tabletop items may be included as well. A rental company may take into account the entertainment company’s layout when designing their own layout for furniture so that the room is well set up for the event.

Event Planner:

If there is an event planner on an event, they would use the vendor events layout to include details such as ceremony items, escort card table placement (with notes on how it will be set up), menu cards, and personal items such as champagne flutes, the cake cutting knife, favors or any other personal items that will be brought to the event.

Vendor Event Layout


The caterer or venue may be responsible for providing the tables and linens so they need to know the which table sizes to set up for the event. This is information they can gather from seeing the details listed by other vendors in vendor events layout.

The layout also assists the caterer when considering the overall flow of the room and placement of items such as the dance floor area, the cake table, and any additional tables required for the event. The caterer will take note of the details provided by each vendor as an overview for set up and execution of the event.

Vendor Event Layout

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