Must-Have Collaborative Event Planning Tools For Vendors

Table Layout Generator

AllSeated’s event planning platform provides the collaborative planning tools necessary for event industry professionals looking to work together with their vendor teams and clients to create memorable events.
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Wedding Catering Trends

Wedding couples today are looking for the most current of wedding catering trends to offer their guests a creative and awesome menu. Read More

Simple Floor Plan Maker

AllSeated continues to transform the event industry from the paper-and-pencil approach to an all-digital platform. Read More

Online Table Planner

AllSeated has transformed event industry from paper-and-pencil to an all-digital platform by providing online table planner tools. Read More

10 Reasons Vendors Love AllSeated

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3D Floorplan Software

With AllSeated’s 3D floorplan software, easily design floorplan layouts and view in 3D, take virtual walk-throughs, arrange seating charts, and more! Read More

Floorplan Software

AllSeated’s floorplans software continues to transform the event industry from paper-and-pencil to an all-digital platform. Read More

Top Ways 3D Floorplans Help To Plan An Event

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Why Using 3D Wedding Design Software Benefits Your Event Business

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Seating Chart Software

AllSeated is the world’s most innovative event planning platform. Read More

Wedding Reception Table Layout

AllSeated’s collaborative planning tools provide you with access to the latest technology available for easily designing your wedding reception table layout. Read More

Best Event Software

As the movement towards digital processes only continues to rise, event professionals are seeking out the best event software to meet their planning needs.
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Seating Chart Creator

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Table Floorplan

Save time and stay organized by easily arranging your table floorplan using AllSeated’s innovative event planning platform. Read More

Event Planning Platform

AllSeated’s event planning platform continues to transform the event industry from paper-and-pencil to an all-digital platform. Read More

Event Floorplan Online

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Free Table Planner

Put down your pencils! 2D event diagramming is quickly becoming a quaint relic of the past. Read More

Professional Event Software

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Best Diagram Software

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Event Management Software

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Why Venues in Los Angeles Use AllSeated

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Interactive Presentation Ideas for Event Planning Purposes

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AllSeated’s Seating Chart Tool

Wedding couples and event hosts often ask their event planner for the perfect “seating chart maker” to assist them in handling their floorplan layout and seating arrangements. Read More

Guest List Benefits For Your Client

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Why Vendors Need To Create An Event Layout

Vendors are beginning to create vendor event layouts in advance of their events in an effort to increase organization and productivity while promoting a seamless set up. Read More

Why Use AllSeated To Create Vendor Floor Plan

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New Event Venues in Brooklyn

Planners are always looking for the perfect event venue for their clients. Read More

Making Event Connections in Hollywood

In Hollywood, they say it’s all about who you know. And yet, this is not the easiest city in which to make connections. Read More

Get Creative With Your Table Seating

AllSeated offers you the option to get creative with your table seating by providing you the tools needed to easily create your floorplan layouts. Read More

Best Practices For Event Suppliers When Working With Millennial Clients

Millennials are increasingly becoming the dominant portion of our clients. Read More

Digital Seating Chart

AllSeated provides functionality, organization and attention to detail all in one place, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, PDF files, hand-drawn floorplans and seating charts! Read More

Create Awesome Floorplans in Minutes!

Build your floorplans in minutes using a few simple tools. Join tables, knock off chairs and save templates for future events. Get access to thousands of scaled floorplans already in our library and watch our 3D viewing bring it all to life - it's spectacular!


Event planning collaboration made easy

Collaborate With Ease!

How amazing to share the details of your event with your entire team! No more PDF’s means no more mixing up versions. For the first time, you can have everything available in one place, all updated in real-time.

Work Together. Anytime. Anywhere.

AllSeated offers exact floorplans to scale, guest lists, and seating arrangements.
Event data updates hosted in the cloud, provide instant access and perfect coordination.

To-Scale floor plans for your venue

Your floorplans will look amazing! Send them to us and within 24 hours we will digitize, scale and upload them to your account.

Plan events, design floor plans, and manage guest lists with AllSeated
Event Planners / Caterers / Vendors

AllSeated’s state-of-the-art tools are all you need to plan your event, together.

It’s Event Planning re-imagined.

Wedding and party planning is easy with AllSeated
Couples & Event Hosts

AllSeated takes the stress out of planning an event and makes it fun too! Don’t forget to invite your entourage to help.

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24/7 Customer Service

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Continued Innovation

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