AllSeated Private Collection - AllSeated: Seating charts, floor plans, and guest lists for your event

AllSeated Private Collection

Provide your custom furniture to your clients on your floorplan!

Key Benefits

  • Have all your in-house furniture available to scale for your clients in 3D
  • Empower your prospective and existing customers to visualize your custom branded furniture on scaled venue floorplans
  • Use the AllSeated platform across your business with unlimited access to: number of user profiles created, floorplan uploads, and collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders

How it works

  • AllSeated will design, render, and upload your furniture pieces into our platform
  • Direct your clients to search for your Private Collection in the AllSeated Library
  • Users can place your furniture on their floorplans and generate an exact PDF report with the click of a button!

The cost

Furniture Models

  • 1 to 10 – $19 per month
  • 11 to 20 – $49 per month
  • 21 to 50 – $99 per month
  • 51 and over – $149 per month
  • Over 200 – Custom pricing

Free furniture Private Collection catalogue upload and free updates up to 5 pieces per year