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Libby Calato, City Gourmet Group, Inc.

The AllSeated professional course was super easy to follow along with, and although I already knew how to use the program, I did learn more ways in how to use it effectively. It was a great overview of the product, as well as the day of app which I cannot wait to start using! Thank you so much for putting this on, I feel I can be more organized and keep my clients more in the loop with this easy to manage program! ... Continue reading »

Linda Morlock, Tokeneke Club

AllSeated is such an intuitive product anyone can use it! The Certified Professional Course just takes your knowledge to the next level. Learning the additional nuances of the program is a value add to my productivity and ultimately my clients. Thank you Rebecca for an informative and ease of use webinar series. ... Continue reading »

Justina Michaels, Fitting Fètes

I certainly enjoyed the course! It was very informative and will make planning an event much easier. I particularly like the ability to change table and seating arrangements with the click of a mouse. It was also great to be able to go back and review the class on the web. Thanks for an awesome experience! ... Continue reading »

Rhonda James, E2:18 Events Management

Rebecca thoroughly explained all the features from AllSeated. I definitely recommend the course and program as it streamlines so many of the tasks us meeting planners have to take on. Moving forward I can use AllSeated instead of 3 different programs. ... Continue reading »

Stefanie Ordoveza, OSIsoft LLC, San Leandro Tech Campus

AllSeated is an essential tool for work!... Continue reading »

Karina Brown, Infinity Weddings & Events

I would like to thank you for the AllSeated Certified Professional Course, through which I was able to understand how many tools AllSeated offers to make a wedding planners work easier and practice on how to use them. Rebecca, you were very clear in explaining these features and having us practice them. I also enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and receive a response during the webinar. ... Continue reading »

Trina Yarrington, Luxe Celebrations

AllSeated is a great program for vendors in the event industry. The ability to create floorplans of any while adding in all the elements to an event is truly a godsend! After completing the AllSeated Certified Professional Course I feel as though now I can provide my clients with the best floorplans, timeline, and RSVP then I could before. ... Continue reading »

Kat Wrenn, Posh Weddings & Events

The AllSeated Course is a great way to learn the software! Rebecca does a great job of walking through each step without leaving anyone behind. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to be trained on the various tools and being able to ask questions with guidance and support. ... Continue reading »

Danielle Armstrong, Danie Marie Events

This course is a fantastic way to get familiar with all the handy features AllSeated has to offer. It's super easy with step by step instructions and the ability to ask questions throughout. It's perfect for training new staff members, too! Thanks, AllSeated! ... Continue reading »

Nanette Reid, GoPro Event Solutions, LLC

The AllSeated professional course was interactive and hands-on. I learn best by doing while I listen and watch so it was a good learning experience for me. I will now be able to correctly use all the wonderful features AllSeated provides. Thank you Rebecca! ... Continue reading »

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