Team - AllSeated: Seating charts, floor plans, and guest lists for your event


Our mission is simple – we push the boundaries of technology with our
partners allowing them to create even better events, while putting our
energy and dedication into everything we do


Yaron Lipshitz


Sandy Hammer


Daniel Anisman


Moshe Anisman


Spencer Chan

Lead Accounting

Ronen Tsamir


Romina Rozensztajn

VP Strategic Accounts

Sabine Reise

GM Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Arye Yacobson

Head of Design

Dan Mazig

Head of Product Design

Dina De La Vega

Director Network Development

Rebecca Salem

Head of Customer Success

Scott Smith

Head of Inside Sales

Meredith Vogel

Director of Marketing


Modi Rosen

Magma Venture Capital

Modi Rosen is co-founder and managing partner of Magma Venture Partners. Modi has over 25 years of business experience, particularly in strategic management of technology companies and leads the strategy and due diligence activities for the Fund and its portfolio companies.

Cal Nathan

NYFF Investors / Ideko

Cal built IDEKO Productions into a leading events company serving national clients both domestically and internationally. The company brings an extensive inventory, skilled & technical know-how and a deep expertise in event executions to its clients.  Cal has produced hundreds of events on a national level and has built an organization of successful event professionals and counts many of the largest US companies as his clients.

Herbert Madan


Herbert is an experienced venture investor and "company builder" with over 10 years of investment experience. Herbert has 15 years of technology and business leadership experience both as a serial entrepreneur and an operating executive. Herbert's prior accomplishments include: CEO & Founder of RouteScience Technologies (acquired by Avaya), VP/GM of Service Provider Network and Application Software Business at Cisco Systems, and CEO & Founder of NETSYS Technologies (acquired by Cisco).

Advisory Board

Meryl Snow

Feastivities Events

Josh Gold

Business Strategy & Product Marketing at Adobe

David Anderman

Georg Broich

Broich Catering

Warren Dietel

Puff 'n Stuff Catering

Ron Ben-Israel

Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Albert Manzo

The Brownstone

Harris Lane

Hank Lane Music

Robin Selden

Marcia Selden Catering

Melissa Rosenbloom

Gourmet Advisory

Julian Saipe


AllSeated Core Values


When we wake up every morning we want a WOW we want to feel the WOW otherwise how can you feel the WOW – Do you feel the WOW?


When we enter the office and we talk to our community, we energize with creativity. We continue to push boundaries to bring that innovation and creativity to you- but you push back and bring it further into our company and lives! Everyone is CREATIVE!


We believe in continuous EDUCATION. We do this internally with our teams, allowing them to learn through courses and conferences, in addition to in-house education sessions. This helps to keep challenging the expanding our minds. We then share this knowledge and bring education to our community, through the help of our community too. We have produced the greatest webinars, joined panels and discussions, and will never stop learning and teaching. We sponsor scholarships and will continue to be part of some of the most incredible associations of our industry.


Our FAMILY is our highlight. The AllSeated family keeps growing, we as a company value every single person that helps build this company, every single person in our community that has become our family and helps us in so many ways – we never forget and we always appreciate!


The level of EXCELLENCE comes from so many directions but is lead by a true visionary and develops a standard of absolute, underlying form of excellence that I truly feel comfortable in saying that nobody can compete! Our CTO leader has a fierce control, but heavy respect for his team, that allows them to be innovative at the highest of levels.


We will always be TRANSPARENT, we will always give our users and community what they need. Our customer service and level of commitment to bring this transparency is shown by the level of dedication and support to our customers, services, customer success and most importantly, our level of operation. Our customers will always get what they need.

And yes, SOME WEIRDNESS. Fun is important. Imagination is Key! The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination – Albert Einstein