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Fall Wedding & Event Planning Round Up

In honor of start the of the fall season, we rounded up some of our favorite and most informative fall wedding and event planning posts! 2018 Fall Wedding Trend Predictions - Some of us aren’t quite ready to let go of summer yet, but for event pros, the transition to fall is more than just that first pumpkin spice latte order and then changing leaves. With the spike in popularity for fall weddings, the rule book on fall trends is being rewritten. Those in the ind... Continue reading »

Top Questions To Ask Your Potential Client

  Potential clients often have an abundance of questions for vendors before making their decisions and reaching an agreement. However, it's important as a vendor to ask the potential client some questions as well in order to understand their needs to best determine if you will be the right fit for their event. We put together this helpful list of questions to ask a potential client before reaching an agreement for their event! Do you have your event... Continue reading »

READY, SET, GO: Beginning Your Wedding Venue Search

  We love to educate our users on all details of the event planning process and who better to ask for insight than the pros in our industry? We recently spoke with Madison Gentile, the Catering Sales Manager at The Chubb Hotel and Conference Center in Lafayette Hill, PA for advice on how to handle the beginning stages of a wedding venue search. You’re engaged! Now what? This is a common question newly engaged couples will often ask themselves. You fina... Continue reading »

Planning a Maine Wedding

  It's always interesting to learn about the various wedding destinations and venues throughout the world. We spoke with the team at Bar Harbor Catering Company to learn more about what it's like to plan and host a Maine wedding! Did you know that Maine is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the US? There’s a plethora of charming venues, historic hotels and, of course, idyllic settings, and one location in particular that calls to many is... Continue reading »

Unique Candle Ideas For Events To Wow Your Clients

  Candles are classic elements of event design, but without creativity and a touch of originality, they can be perceived as uninspiring. The reality is that candles are timeless, but you may find your clients are resistant to including them in their events unless you present exciting ideas that offer a twist. So, throw out everything you thought you knew about candles and open your mind to unique candle ideas for events to wow your clients. Photo Cred... Continue reading »

Importance Of Vendor Timelines

  Emily Sullivan was a special guest in our webinar series last month and a big topic in her discussion was the importance of vendor timelines. She was kind enough to put together a dedicated post on this subject including great tips on how to go about building vendor timelines. Importance of Vendor Timelines Nothing in the wedding planning process has a bigger impact on the relative success or failure of the event than a well thought-out vendor timel... Continue reading »

Tips for Choosing Your Engagement Photo Shoot Location

  Wondering how to choose the best location for your engagement photo shoot session? Cavin Elizabeth, author of  A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding. covers this topic for us with the ultimate tips for choosing your engagement photo shoot location! As a photographer, I often work with my couples to choose the best engagement photo shoot locations for their photos. While their first inclination is to simply choose pretty places, I find that the be... Continue reading »

Helping Your Client Incorporate Tradition Into Their Wedding

  As a planner, it's critical to think of EVERYTHING to meet your client's wedding planning needs. Your clients are relying on you to be the eyes, ears, and brains of their wedding planning. They look to you for organization, leadership and inspiration! While some wedding couples are on top of their details with their own ideas in place, others may need more direction. Since personal touches are always special, it's great to remind your client of ways ... Continue reading »

How To Determine The Perfect Sized Wedding For You

    When you think of your dream wedding, how do you imagine the crowd? Are you surrounded by hundreds of your dearest friends and family members, or is it a much more intimate-sized reception? There are many factors that go in to determining the perfect sized wedding for you so we put together this list to help you figure it out! The Role of the Budget It's most important to establish your wedding budget early on in your process. This will ... Continue reading »

How To Plan A Wedding And Keep Your Sanity

    Wondering how to plan a wedding and keep your sanity? With just a few of our top wedding planning tips, you will be able to focus, stay organized and on track, and of course, sane! Start with a Great To Do List One of the keys to staying organized is first understanding what you have to do. To help you with this, we recommend creating a to do list from the start of your planning process. When you get a break at work, or a free weekend to... Continue reading »

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