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Best Practices for Vendors When Working With Venues

    It's crucial for vendors when working with venues to be a team player. Getting along with fellow vendors and being a team player can help to ensure a successful event while providing a pleasant experience for everyone involved. It’s also a great way to establish relationships with fellow vendors which can lead to referrals and the promotion of your business. Below are some of our top tips for best practices for vendors working with venues. ... Continue reading »

Tips for Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

  There are many factors to consider when looking to select the perfect wedding venue. The decision shouldn’t be taken lightly, by any means! We put together these helpful tips for finding the perfect wedding venue: Location. The first thing you need to do is determine your location. Where do you want to get married? There is no right or wrong answer here! It's simply a decision of what’s best for you, your guests, and your budget. There are pr... Continue reading »

4 Ways Technology Affects Venue Selection

  Technology is definitely making it's mark on the event industry and venue selection is no exception! Have you ever gone to a highly promoted event with your electronic devices fully charged only to find out there is no WIFI? Add that to the large number of cellphones all competing for service and you might as well have left your devices at home. We took a closer look at how technology affects venue selection and we're sharing the results below! Fa... Continue reading »