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Top Questions To Ask Your Potential Client

  Potential clients often have an abundance of questions for vendors before making their decisions and reaching an agreement. However, it's important as a vendor to ask the potential client some questions as well in order to understand their needs to best determine if you will be the right fit for their event. We put together this helpful list of questions to ask a potential client before reaching an agreement for their event! Do you have your event... Continue reading »

Best Practices for Vendors When Working With Venues

    It's crucial for vendors when working with venues to be a team player. Getting along with fellow vendors and being a team player can help to ensure a successful event while providing a pleasant experience for everyone involved. It’s also a great way to establish relationships with fellow vendors which can lead to referrals and the promotion of your business. Below are some of our top tips for best practices for vendors working with venues. ... Continue reading »

Hardest Parts of Wedding Planning: What You Didn’t See Coming

  There are many aspects of wedding planning that are easy to anticipate, like which vendors you’ll need to book and what style wedding dress you’ll be looking for. However, when planning such an important event in your life, there are bound to be surprises along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the areas of wedding planning that you may not have been expecting: Unexpected Costs Costs that may surprise you can come from several areas of a couple’s b... Continue reading »

When A Vendor Fails To Meet Expectations

  You did your research. You compared pricing, services, packages and interviewed the vendor before making your decision. Never in a million years do you expect the vendor to fail to meet your expectations. But it happens. More often than not, weddings and events will go off without a noticeable hitch but there are times when a vendor fails to meet the contracted requirements. It's important to realize this possibility prior to the big day in order ... Continue reading »

Navigating The New Hire Process

  Jennifer Taylor, owner of  Taylor'd Events Group is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to share her thoughts on navigating the new hire process. Thanks Jennifer! At a certain point, you’ll need to accept the fact that you can no longer grow your business alone and you’ll need to open your company up to the idea of taking on employees. Although it may be difficult to imagine anyone representing your brand other than you, it’s the best opti... Continue reading »

Helpful Guide To Planning A Destination Wedding

  A destination wedding sounds like a terrific idea right about now, doesn't it? There's a certain excitement surrounding the planning of a destination wedding because, not only are you getting married, you are going on vacation and inviting your friends and family to experience the trip with you! Since the venues in question will not be local, there are certain things to consider when trying to plan your destination wedding and we are here to help steer you ... Continue reading »

12 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Clients

Bu Sandy Hammer, CMO & Co-Founder, AllSeated The New Year always sparks new goals and resolutions. Your business goals this year may include working on ways to increase your client list along with figuring out a way to better serve your previous/current customers. Client retention is just as important as seeking new customers! Today we are sharing 12 ways to keep in touch with your clients throughout the year which helps create and retain the ever important bu... Continue reading »