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Social Media Marketing Guide For Event Businesses

We’ve all heard the wonderful benefits of marketing your business on social media. Not only does it increase brand awareness but it can also drive quality traffic to your website and help you build stronger relationships with your audience. According to Pew Research ...


Is Your Social Media Inclusive?

  Many events businesses claim to want to break into the LGBTQ wedding and celebration market, but are they willing to take a critical look at their social media marketing and ask if their efforts meet the needs of this growing niche? Promoting your event busine...


Personalize Your Next Event with Snapchat

  Wedding guests and event attendees are looking to share where they are and what they are doing via social media. Snapchat is becoming the top social media channel for instant sharing purposes which means event planners must stay on top of making their events S...


3 Ways Facebook Can Benefit Your Business

    We often use Facebook for our own personal reasons but what if we told you that Facebook has the power to increase your event exposure, attendance, and overall experience? Don’t believe it? Here are 3 Facebook can benefit your business in 2017: ...


Wedding Tech Trends

Technology is evolving every day. And for the past few years, technology has growing in popularity across the wedding scene. From interactive centerpieces featuring pictures instead of flowers to live interactive social media displays, there are now unlimited ways to in...