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Where Should You Sit At Your Wedding?

  Viva Max Kaley, creator of Viva Max Weddings, is here today to discuss seating options for your special day. Thanks, Viva! Your guests want nothing more than to feel like they’re a part of this experience with you, so where the wedding couple sits says a lot. We all know seating plans in general can be challenging to execute, but if you consider these options to discover what works best for you, it will alleviate stress for you, your partner, and everyone in... Continue reading »

Mitzvah Seating Ideas

Brynne Magaziner of Pop Color Events is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to discuss Mitzvah Seating Ideas. Mitzvah planning often requires extra special attention to the event seating arrangements due to the number of guests who are children in relation to the number of adult guests on the list. Seating arrangements for the kids vary greatly from the seating arrangements for adults as they each have different needs and expectations. This is im... Continue reading »