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What Google Really Wants From Event Professionals

  In the early days of search engines, there were definitely a lot of “tricks” that worked to get websites bumped up in search engine results, such as using your keywords as much as possible and putting them in nearly invisible text. For a short time, this strategy did actually move websites to the top, but only briefly.  Today, Google is much smarter and learning every day what searchers want. In 2018, getting to the top of Google is all about satisfy... Continue reading »

How To Make Your Content SEO Friendly

  In our previous posts about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we discussed the basics and  technical aspects of your keyword selection for your website’s URL structure and web page architecture. Now it’s time to make all of your content SEO friendly as well! Search engines rank websites on the relevancy of the content in regards to the users search query. The more relevant, informative, and helpful the content you provide on your website is, the more... Continue reading »