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Tips For Vendors During Outdoor Event Season

  Quite often when people think about outdoor event planning strategies and considerations, their initial thoughts focus on the host and guest experience side of an event - like having a Plan B, keeping guests comfortable etc - however, it's equally important for vendors to prepare for and develop their outdoor event planning strategies and practices as well. We put together the top tips for vendors during outdoor event season as it's critical to always b... Continue reading »

How To Create Intimacy In Outdoor Event Seating

  Outdoor event season is a wonderful time of year with the opportunity to incorporate the wonders of nature as the backdrop for celebrations. However, any event planner will tell you that outdoor events come with their own set of unique planning needs and circumstances. How to create intimacy in outdoor event seating is a common challenge when planning outdoor events. While indoor event spaces provide natural walls and dimensions, outdoor events ar... Continue reading »