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Mitzvah Planning 101 For Event Professionals

  Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties are events unlike most others that event professionals plan. Brynne Magaziner, owner and Chief Magic Maker at Pop Color Events, put together a Mitzvah Planing 101 For Event Professionals for us, sharing the important things to know when working with clients who are looking to plan a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Planning a Bar or Bat mitzvah is Not The Same as Planning a Birthday Party The common misconception is that mitzvah planni... Continue reading »

Mitzvah Planning Spotlight Using AllSeated

We thought it would be interesting to have a member of the AllSeated team share their personal experience with using AllSeated to plan a special event. Meredith is currently planning her son's Bar Mitzvah and has been using her own AllSeated account throughout the planning process. She is thrilled to share her thoughts with you and will continue to update as the Bar Mitzvah approaches! I so often wish that AllSeated existed back in 2001 when I was planning my wed... Continue reading »

Mitzvah Seating Ideas

Brynne Magaziner of Pop Color Events is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to discuss Mitzvah Seating Ideas. Mitzvah planning often requires extra special attention to the event seating arrangements due to the number of guests who are children in relation to the number of adult guests on the list. Seating arrangements for the kids vary greatly from the seating arrangements for adults as they each have different needs and expectations. This is im... Continue reading »