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6 Ways to Incorporate an Instagram Moment Into Your Next Event

  Looking for ways to incorporate an Instagram moment into your next event? We have you covered! Many brands have made it a top priority to feature Instagram moments at their events.  These installations are unique elements that instantly draw the attention o...


3 Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Your Event Company

  Social media is a critical component in your event company's business strategy. Being visible, available, and up to date on how today's client interacts is important for strong business growth.  Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms ri...


4 Ways Instagram & Snapchat Will Transform Your Event Planning

Stories. We’ve heard of stories ever since we were young. We read them before bed, during school, and even on our off-time. But recently, the idea of storytelling has shifted, giving users (aka “readers”) a chance to tell their own story. Today, with thanks to popul...