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Spring Special Guest Webinars: Planning Trends & Event Design

We are very excited about two of our upcoming special guest webinars! Both webinars provide attendees with industry expert advice on the topics of planning trends and event design. Coming up on May 7 at 12:00 PM EST, join Kristin Banta as she answers your event planning and design questions! Kristin will be covering cover topics related to the planning and design process and can't wait to field your questions! Feel free to email Emily@allseated.com with you... Continue reading »

How Your Venue Can Be the Netflix in the Events Industry

If you went next door to your neighbor’s home and turned on their Netflix, you’ll find that their main menu looks different from your menu. Displayed film and TV recommendations are based on your choices. But it doesn’t stop there. Film covers are even personalized featuring actors and actresses you’ve watched on the platform. Netflix follows your every move, from when you hit pause during a show to collecting your interests. With 300 million and growing member ... Continue reading »

AllSeated Winter Webinars

We have three new special guest webinars on our winter calendar. Sign up now to reserve your spot to learn from our industry experts! January 23 | 12:00 PM (EST) Why Event Coordination is Necessary Across All Event Markets In this webinar with Daniela Grafman of Vision Event Company you will learn: The difference between traditional Event Planning and Event Coordination. How both event professionals and clients can benefit from the service. How Event C... Continue reading »

Pros Share What They Learned From Their First Event

  Even the most respected and recognized veteran professionals have been there: the first event. We’ve all had them, and many of us have spent years trying to forget ours. However, first events are some of the best learning experiences around. At the risk of triggering some long-suppressed memories, we talked to some of today’s top talent and asked them to describe the lessons they learned from their own first events. Here is what these brave souls shared. ... Continue reading »

Event Pros Share the One Thing in Business They Can’t Live Without

  Event pros know that starting and nurturing a business can sometimes be an uphill battle with a lot of trial and error. Your event business is vastly different from the next. Not necessarily in content but in how you approach problem-solving and creating visibility for your brand. If you were to take a look at your business growth from when you first began, you’re likely to attribute your success to a few tried and true game-changers. Back to Basics ... Continue reading »

AllSeated FAQ: Event Pro Profile Page

  Creating your Event Pro profile page today in AllSeated will start giving you a presence within the Network, allowing other Pros to learn more about you, and vice versa! Building relationships with other Pros is the key to driving more business in your direction! What should you include in your profile page? Your Business Description should include: A brief background of your business and how you got started  - Everyone loves to hear a story! And, stor... Continue reading »