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Top 4 Reasons To Plan Your Event Online

  Still wondering why you should switch from paper and pencil for planning events to using collaborative online planning tools?  We put together the top 4 reasons to plan your next event online! We guarantee that once you see and experience the benefits, you will never turn back. Stay Organized  Planning your event online provides you with a high level of organization which assists you in staying on task. With everything stored in one place online, the... Continue reading »

Unique Candle Ideas For Events To Wow Your Clients

  Candles are classic elements of event design, but without creativity and a touch of originality, they can be perceived as uninspiring. The reality is that candles are timeless, but you may find your clients are resistant to including them in their events unless you present exciting ideas that offer a twist. So, throw out everything you thought you knew about candles and open your mind to unique candle ideas for events to wow your clients. Photo Cred... Continue reading »

Finding Balance Between Planning and Design

    If you are looking to diversify your business to boost your bottom line, an essential step is determining what you can offer that is complementary to your pre-existing services. For photographers, it may be bringing in videography services, whereas stationers may be ready to try their hand at calligraphy. Planning and design often go hand in hand. Event planners and designers are in the unique position of overseeing most aspects of an event, w... Continue reading »

How To Put Together The Best Vendor Team

  An event's execution and success is directly related to your vendor team. One person is not able to do everything. It's so important to build a vendor team composed of people who can efficiently and effectively get the job done. Not sure how to put together the best vendor team? We have some ideas for you to get started! Deciding on the Who Events are made up of a lot of moving parts that need to be functioning together in a cohesive way for th... Continue reading »

5 Planning Tips From Someone Who Already Went Through The Process

As much as we prepare and plan for our event, it always happens AFTER THE EVENT that we realize the things we should have/could have done differently from the start of the process. We asked Meredith, a member of the AllSeated team who recently planned her son's Bar Mitzvah, to offer our users who are currently in the event planning process some planning tips based upon what she learned throughout her own planning. Start the planning process early. This is o... Continue reading »

Event Lighting and Decor Trends 2017

  Burlap. Chevron. Mason jars. The ghosts of weddings past. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with these trends, it’s safe to say that they’ve become exhausted from hitting the dance floor for too long and have been escorted out by the new trends on the block. As we say goodbye to rustic glam and shabby chic, we say hello to all of the new possibilities that are in store for 2017 weddings and beyond – and we are thrilled to be the welcoming committee. Let’... Continue reading »

6 Areas of Event Experiences

Deshondra Robinson of Events by Deshondra is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to talk about the 6 area of event experiences to keep in mind when planning an event. Personalization is very important when planning an event. Whether you're  planning a small wedding for 50 guests or a huge event for 500 people, being detail oriented will  play a big part in your success! When I plan an event, I use the A6 Event Production Formula. This formula ... Continue reading »

Event Planning Superhero

  Gwendolyn Y. McNutt of Two Fish Productions is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to discuss a fun topic for event planners. Thanks Gwendolyn! According to one of my favorite movies – Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings. So, it got me thinking, when does an event planner earn their crest and cape? When do they crossover from just someone in a costume into a full-fledged superhero? As you probably know, in all superhero stor... Continue reading »

Keep The Joy In The Events You Plan

  Laura Ferrick, owner of Eclectic Affairs, is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to discuss how planners should keep the joy in the events that they plan. Thanks Laura! In the world of event planning, everything is a large detail. The smallest of missed details are magnified under the stress of the day of the event. We often joke that the crazy behind the curtain would send the average person running in tears away from planning another eve... Continue reading »

Top 5 Ways To Simplify Your Event

  Kaleb Craft, Chief Sales Officer at Culinary Crafts is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to share the top 5 ways to simplify planning your event. Thanks Kaleb! Planning a large event can be one of the more stressful experiences of your life! But, it can also be quite enjoyable if you do it the right way. Planning doesn't depend on your personality as much as it depends on your approach to event planning. Event industry professionals aren... Continue reading »

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