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3 Ways Facebook Can Benefit Your Business

    We often use Facebook for our own personal reasons but what if we told you that Facebook has the power to increase your event exposure, attendance, and overall experience? Don’t believe it? Here are 3 Facebook can benefit your business in 2017: Advertising: Facebook advertising has always been popular in the B2C community, but research is showing that even B2B companies can benefit from Facebook advertising features. Using Facebook's... Continue reading »

Event Planning Superhero

  Gwendolyn Y. McNutt of Two Fish Productions is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to discuss a fun topic for event planners. Thanks Gwendolyn! According to one of my favorite movies – Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings. So, it got me thinking, when does an event planner earn their crest and cape? When do they crossover from just someone in a costume into a full-fledged superhero? As you probably know, in all superhero stor... Continue reading »

Handling Cancelled Events

Cancelled Events: Are they really the end of the world? That's the topic Taylor'd Events is here to discuss with us today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog. Just the thought of cancelling an event that you’ve put so much effort into can send a shiver down your spine and set your anxiety into overdrive. But, is it really so bad? As a vendor, you put in hard work and time to the design and production of it, but at the end of the day, engaged couples break u... Continue reading »

Keep The Joy In The Events You Plan

  Laura Ferrick, owner of Eclectic Affairs, is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to discuss how planners should keep the joy in the events that they plan. Thanks Laura! In the world of event planning, everything is a large detail. The smallest of missed details are magnified under the stress of the day of the event. We often joke that the crazy behind the curtain would send the average person running in tears away from planning another eve... Continue reading »

Event Organizer’s Guide To Live Video

We have an awesome FREE webinar lined up for you!! Live video is poised to dominate the events landscape in the coming months. Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and other social media platforms are placing big bets that people will love live video and use it more than any other social media option available. Now is your chance as an event planner to become a live video master before you lose your first-mover advantage. Captivate potential attendees and actual atten... Continue reading »