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Creating Event Content Marketing Amidst the Coronavirus

  When you're putting out content in the middle of any crisis, you need to be extra cautious about how it will sound to your audience. COVID-19 is impacting everyone, but it's not a reason to stop creating content — you just need to tread lightly. You want your ...


3 Ways to Build FOMO in Event Marketing

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through social feeds and see pics and videos from friends having an ah-mazing time at parties and events you didn’t attend, and you suddenly feel a bit blue that everyone is having more fun than you are? That’s #FOMO—the fe...


How 7 Brands Used AR and VR To Change Their Marketing Plan

Every brand is looking for the next big thing, and that next big thing includes incorporating Augmented and Virtual Reality into your marketing plan. While it may not be a first on everyone’s marketing list, companies big and small are already including the forward tech...


Event Displays: How to Get Your Products Noticed

    Learn the power of event displays and how to get your products noticed in this article! Whether you’re looking to earn brand-loyalty with customers or push sales for your latest product, events offer the opportunity for brands to get valuable face time...


The Story Behind The AllSeated Penguin

  It is always interesting to hear the stories behind the chosen mascots of companies and brands. Have you ever wondered how the penguin became the AllSeated Mascot? It's such a sweet story! Sandy Hammer, the Co-Founder & CMO of AllSeated, was born an...