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Join Us At IMEX!

  We hope to see you at IMEX in Las Vegas, October 16 - 18! IMEX is considered more than just a trade show as it offers brilliant speakers, fresh ideas and continuous inspiration with over 180 educational and networking events over the conference. Join Sandy Hammer, co-founder & CEO of AllSeated for her lively education sessions! She will be speaking on the topics of Event Tech Trends That Will Transform Your Business and Virtual Reality: An Access... Continue reading »

What You Need to Know When Joining a Mastermind Group

  Mastermind groups are on the rise and are popping up everywhere. Some are peer-led, while others are part of a program. Regardless of where you find a Mastermind group, there are some things you need to know when joining a group. Do your research  You don’t have to participate in a Mastermind that’s comprised solely of wedding business owners. In fact, you might find more value in a group of creatives or other small business owners. The two groups I ... Continue reading »

Best Event Industry Productivity Tips For 2019

  Maintaining a high level of productivity in the events industry is a challenge. We are subject to periods of total frenzy as well as occasional scary lulls. Take control of the ebbs and flows of your business and turn next year into a productive one. Here, some our expert colleagues have offered their best event industry productivity tips for 2019. Make a Daily Plan Shannon Tarrant, Founder of Wedding Venue Map suggests reviewing all of your to-dos d... Continue reading »

Gladstone Hotel: How Art Benefits Business

  We love to learn about the hotels and venues in our industry! We spoke with the team at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto recently to gain insight into their history and events, as well as how art benefits their business. The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto wears a lot of hats — from restaurant to hotel, from wedding venue to meeting space — everyone is welcome under the 128 year old Victorian roof.  But what’s the glue that holds it all together? What’s at the... Continue reading »

Time Is Money: How To Provide A Memorable Quote & Proposal

  Gwen Helbush, of Where To Start Wedding Management, shares her tips on how to provide a memorable quote & proposal.  Weddings are a team business. None of us can create wonderful weddings alone.  The greatest benefit of working within our wedding community is that we have each other’s backs. Lately, I have not been feeling the love, and I’m puzzled as to why. What happened? Why do I feel this way? I asked some industry friends and apparently I’m ... Continue reading »

Announcing New AllSeated Ambassadors

    We are thrilled to announce three new AllSeated Ambassadors who are joining our amazing family this month! Michael Cerbelli, Dave Merrell, and Kate Patay come with years of experience in our industry, huge creativity and talent, but most of all, they all share a combined passion for technology and what AllSeated wants to create for our industry!  They are driven to make change and advancements, bringing experiences to our industry that can ... Continue reading »

How The Catering Industry is Evolving

  Change is inevitable everywhere, including the catering industry! We recently spoke with Tony Rea, Owner & Culinary Director of Creations in Cuisine Catering, to learn about his experience with change within the catering industry. I have continued to watch the catering industry change over my 20+ years in the business. Right now, I currently see a major shift in the evolution of the catering industry happening before our eyes. Cuisine. Fresh, organ... Continue reading »

The Rising Tide of Entertaining

  What does the modern aged world mean for the events industry? Hollywood Pop Gallery is here today to tell us! When the going gets tough, the tough get creative! The open ocean of events can be a choppy one but there is a constant current of event industry innovators taking accessibility and efficiency to new levels. Where at a time one hardly knew how to hire a wedding band, now everyone is their own booking agent, web designer, marketer and more often e... Continue reading »

AllSeated’s Kick Off The Season Luncheon

  Together with Arthur Backal and Harriette Rose Katz, we kicked off the season on Monday by hosting a wonderful luncheon at Rock and Reilly's in Manhattan. In attendance at our luncheon were over 100 of New York's top event professionals including our special guest from the West Coast, Mindy Weiss! Chatter throughout the event was how did AllSeated do this - how did they manage to get the crème de la crème of the industry all in one room?! In addition to ... Continue reading »

Catersource 2016- A Note From Sandy

What an amazing week at Catersource in Vegas this year! For three years we have been coming to Catersource and talking about the need to embrace technology. Today I can honestly say that it's finally really happening! We are seeing tens of thousands of companies using not only our technology but finding other tools as well to successfully grow their businesses. They are embracing collaboration and understanding the core values in order to become even more eff... Continue reading »