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10 Corporate Event Decoration Ideas for Your Clients

  Whether it’s a trade show or an appreciation dinner, companies use corporate events to strengthen professional ties and improve work culture. And with the growing emphasis on people engagement in businesses, CEOs and HR managers have found these activities eve...


Using Candles To Spice Up Your Event

  Candles are a long-standing tradition when it comes to weddings. They are often featured in every aspect of an event – from the ceremony to the cocktail hour and reception. If you are planning to incorporate candles into your wedding design, why not spice it u...


Event Lighting and Decor Trends 2017

  Burlap. Chevron. Mason jars. The ghosts of weddings past. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with these trends, it’s safe to say that they’ve become exhausted from hitting the dance floor for too long and have been escorted out by the new trends on the block. ...