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Catering Companies During Pandemic: SB Value

  While this year continues to be an unprecedented challenge for the event industry, we gain strength and wisdom from staying connected with our community. We checked in with the team at SB Value to see how the catering business has been over the last several...


Event Companies During Pandemic: Fantasy Sound Event Services

As we continue to move forward during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it's been important to us to stay connected and in touch with the event pros in our industry. Kevin Dennis, Owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, was a panelist during one of the Connecting Our Community webi...


Event Companies During Pandemic: Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design

It's so very interesting to learn about the experiences of the event pros in our industry as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We caught up with Eddie Zaratsian of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design to learn about how his business has...


Event Companies During Pandemic: Erica Trombetti of Infinite Events

As we continue to reopen and look ahead together as an event community, we recently spoke with Erica Trombetti of Infinite Events to see how her business has been since she was a panelist during the Allseated Connecting Our Community webinar in the spring. Erica ...


Event Companies During Pandemic: Joann Roth-Oseary, SITK

As we continue to highlight event companies during the pandemic, today's spotlight features Joann Roth-Oseary of Someone's in the Kitchen (SITK).  Joann is one of the top caterers in Los Angeles and in the business, with a staff of 35 full-time and 150 part-time employe...


Event Companies During Pandemic: Adam Leffel Productions

As we continue to speak with event professionals throughout our industry who were panelists during the Connecting Our Community webinar series,  we reached out to Adam Leffel of Adam Leffel Productions to check in and see how his floral design business has been si...