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Should You DIY or Hire A Designer?

  Planning a wedding can be quite the undertaking. Between sourcing inspiration from Pinterest and other wedding publications, it’s certainly not a job for the busy or inexperienced! The DIY route (do-it-yourself) is a popular direction however for wedding couples who have the time and patience to design and plan their own wedding. DIY is an admirable venture that can be well worth it in the end as you see your guests in awe of the beautiful weddin... Continue reading »

How To Map Out Your Event Lighting Plan

  The early stages of being engaged can be a whirlwind of emotions! As things start to settle down, it’s important to take some time to envision the wedding day of your dreams. This includes all aspects of the wedding --  from the venue, to your guest list, to your overall vision for decor and lighting. Lighting is a major facet of your special day and should be considered early on in the planning process. However, don’t feel pressured to break down al... Continue reading »

Is DIY The Best Option For Your Wedding?

  Saving money always sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? Especially when planning a wedding or large event; anything you can do for yourself (hence, the term DIY) to save money is the way to go -- but is it always the best idea? DIY is all the trend right now. Make your own centerpieces! Customize your own wedding favors! Create your own floral arrangements, print up your own programs, seating cards and invitations! We even have a DIY Wedding Ideas ... Continue reading »