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Event Companies During Pandemic: Checking in With Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting

As we mentioned in last week's article, it's important for us as an industry to stay connected and aware of business across all markets. Although we will continue to run the Allseated Connecting Our Community webinars, we are also following up with event professionals f...


Allseated Webinars: Connecting Our Community Webinar Series Recap

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, everything from our personal lives to events came to an abrupt halt. During this unprecedented and challenging time, we wanted to do something to bring the event community together. Even if we didn't have the answers, we could be there fo...


May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

As many of you may know, Sandy Hammer, Co-founder, and CMO of Allseated, tragically lost her 18-year-old niece, Gila, who died by suicide about five months ago. Consequently, the family has been struggling with so many challenges and pondering so many questions. Gila’s ...