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4 Affordable Ways To Market Business Online

  Who isn't always looking for ways to expand and grow their business? In today's high-tech world, it's actually really easy to affordably market business online! And, some of the below options can be implemented at no cost. Let's take a look!   Add A Blog To Your Company's Website Adding a blog to your company's website is a great way to better market your business. It may sound overwhelming but starting a blog can be really easy! Using a f... Continue reading »

Refreshing Your Website with a Millennial Perspective

  When was the last time you really evaluated your website? Was it months ago, or even years ago? In today’s connected society, your website is your first impression and can determine whether you are gaining new business or turning prospects away. Millennials are always connected to the Internet and seek out information and companies via websites. It is the first stop they’ll make when looking to hire someone or buy something so it's importan... Continue reading »

3 Easy Ways To Expand Your Business

Regardless of where your company stands now, it’s crucial to be thinking about what’s next or what more you could be doing. Not sure how to do that? Here are 3 ways to expand your business and build upon what you have already accomplished. Get to Know Your Clients While you may know many of your client's first and last names, that won’t help much when trying to decide which offer will cater to them the most. Focus on learning more about your clients, what in... Continue reading »

Affordable Ways To Market Your Business Online

  Many business owners avoid doing any online marketing for their business because they feel they cannot afford it. The reality is, marketing is one business tactic that you actually CANNOT afford to ignore! With so many easy-to-use and affordable options to get your brand out there, it’s surprising how many business owners shy away from online marketing. To help you grow your online presence without breaking the bank, we’re sharing 4 affordable ways to e... Continue reading »

12 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Clients

Bu Sandy Hammer, CMO & Co-Founder, AllSeated The New Year always sparks new goals and resolutions. Your business goals this year may include working on ways to increase your client list along with figuring out a way to better serve your previous/current customers. Client retention is just as important as seeking new customers! Today we are sharing 12 ways to keep in touch with your clients throughout the year which helps create and retain the ever important bu... Continue reading »