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Managing a Large Team across Multiple Locations

  The day-to-day management of any business is complex, especially when you have a large team working at multiple locations. Top quality staff and an organized approach make all the difference in the world when handling the required logistics. Heather Rouffe, th...


How Dance Floors Can Change Look Of A Floorplan

  If you are stuck in an event design or layout rut, there are many ways to change the look of routine floorplans. One way to do so is through the use of the dance floor! We spoke with Heather Rouffe, managing partner of Atlas Event Rental, to gain insight on...


Allseated Wedding Spotlight

  We are excited to bring you another Bridal Spotlight post as part of our AllSeated Bridal Spotlight series! Today's featured bride is Tiffany. Tiffany was married¬†recently in South Florida. Her reception took place¬†at Lake Pavillion, a beautiful venue locat...