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No More Sloppy and Time-Consuming Layouts, Thanks to AllSeated

  We love to learn about the experiences of our users! Today we are featuring Lindsey Nickel, Wedding Business Coach of Lovely Day Strategy  with her story on how using AllSeated has transformed the way she plans weddings and events. When I first started planning events more than ten years ago, Facebook was barely known and Instagram didn’t exist. There certainly wasn’t an online platform to quickly and easily design event diagrams to-scale. Fas... Continue reading »

Exhilarating Developments Are Happening At AllSeated!

  AllSeated is innovating faster and further than ever before! It used to be that we could only really advance when the market was ready to take a new step forward. But now, for the first time ever, event technology and the event market are in alignment – this unique moment in time is beyond exciting for us at AllSeated! As a technology company, we view innovation as a lifelong journey – never a destination. We keep our development efforts open at all ... Continue reading »

How to Balance Wedding Planning With Your Full-Time Job

    Congratulations on your engagement! Your newly engaged self is ready to start wedding planning which is a really exciting time in your life! You’ll want to make plans to try on dresses and tour venues and taste cakes, but wait – you still have a full-time job. So does your fiancé. How are you going to manage your work responsibilities while planning the biggest day of your life? Here are a few of our tips that we suggest to stay organized wh... Continue reading »

A Royal Princess Baby Shower

    What happens when an Event Planner learns she is having her first granddaughter?  She plans a royal baby shower fit for a princess, of course! I have watched as baby showers have evolved over the last decade.  Baby showers today can be as lavish as wedding receptions and my granddaughter wouldn't have anything less. When planning this shower the words that came to mind were, lavish, extravagant and over the top. As with all of the events... Continue reading »

Thank You For A Spectacular 2016!

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to extend our warm holiday greetings and thank you for making 2016 our best year ever!! It’s because of YOU, our users, that AllSeated is now the industry standard for digital planning software. Thank you all for spreading the word that there is a better, simpler way to plan events and for helping to grow our user base by tenfold! We are honored and humbled to see thousands of new users joining us every month and leaving... Continue reading »

Making The Most Of Your AllSeated Account

Are you making the most of your AllSeated account? Are you aware of all of the features available that can enhance your planning experience? So many wedding couples, event hosts, caterers, and planners turn to AllSeated to easily create their floorplan layouts and seating charts but there is so much more available to you within your account that you may not realize. Maximize your AllSeated experience by utilizing the rest of AllSeated's tools! Manage Your Gue... Continue reading »

AllSeated’s Kick Off The Season Luncheon

  Together with Arthur Backal and Harriette Rose Katz, we kicked off the season on Monday by hosting a wonderful luncheon at Rock and Reilly's in Manhattan. In attendance at our luncheon were over 100 of New York's top event professionals including our special guest from the West Coast, Mindy Weiss! Chatter throughout the event was how did AllSeated do this - how did they manage to get the crème de la crème of the industry all in one room?! In addition to ... Continue reading »

April Happenings: New York Events

  April showers may bring May flowers but in AllSeated's case, April brings about a packed season of events! We are as busy as ever and love to educate just as much as we enjoy having a good time. We have lots of exciting events on our calendar for the next few months and hope that you will be able to join us. Here's a sneak peak at what we have going on in New York during the month of April: AllSeated & Vibe: On April 18, AllSeated welcomes you... Continue reading »

AllSeated FAQ: Collaboration

  You may have noticed all of this talk about collaboration and inviting others into your AllSeated account. But what does this mean exactly? Who are you supposed to include in your planning process? Who should you invite into your account and why? And, most importantly, how? Not to worry, we are going to cover all things collaboration in today's post! So, to begin, let's start with who you should invite into your account and why: You... Continue reading »