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Making The Most Of Your AllSeated Account

Are you making the most of your AllSeated account? Are you aware of all of the features available that can enhance your planning experience? So many wedding couples, event hosts, caterers, and planners turn to AllSeated to easily create their floorplan layouts and seating charts but there is so much more available to you within your account that you may not realize. Maximize your AllSeated experience by utilizing the rest of AllSeated's tools! Manage Your Gue... Continue reading »

AllSeated FAQ: Collaboration

  You may have noticed all of this talk about collaboration and inviting others into your AllSeated account. But what does this mean exactly? Who are you supposed to include in your planning process? Who should you invite into your account and why? And, most importantly, how? Not to worry, we are going to cover all things collaboration in today's post! So, to begin, let's start with who you should invite into your account and why: You... Continue reading »