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Top Reasons to Use Digital Planning Tools For Wedding Planning

Today’s guest post comes from Allseated, a collaborative network for planning events that offers users the ability to design  2D/3D floorplans to-scale, take virtual walkthroughs, manage guest lists, seating, timelines, and more.  I asked them to write this post, to explain to my audience exactly how digital planning tools can help with your wedding planning.  Read on to hear it from the experts:  Wedding couples today are using technology more than ever before t... Read article »

GoodFirms Announces the Frontrunners from Budgeting, Wedding, & Venue Management Software – 2020

These days, a wide range of industries utilize budgeting software to get the assistance in managing finances, to minimize unwanted spending, and to reduce repetitive mundane tasks for companies. The main purpose of budgeting is not only to forecast income and expenditure but to get the insight and plan new business strategies to carry out and earn good revenue. Thus, to assist the service seekers in picking the right software, GoodFirms has revealed the list of B... Read article »

4 Wedding Business Trends to Level Up Your Company in 2020

For most people, the new year is a time for setting resolutions to become a better version of yourself. If you run a business, you may have a similar process in your company as you’re swapping out for a new calendar. Whether you’re looking to double your social media followers or boost your revenue for the year, understanding the wedding industry landscape is crucial to level up your business in the year to come. Here are a few industry trends that can help shape... Read article »

Top 9 Favorite Event Management Blogs for 2020

Allseated is a digital platform used by event planners to design plan events in a more visual way. Users can create spaces and setups within the program so they can view an event before bringing it to life. The Allseated blog, like many others, provides tips, trends, and advice for all event planners. Some of their articles are targeted at event planners who work for or from a specific venue, while others give tips on choosing a venue. They also cover topics such... Read article »

14 Incredible Women in Event Tech Talk About the Biggest Change Event Pros Will Have to Deal With in 2020

Event professionals use many different words to describer their world: Vital. Stressful. Exciting. Exhausting. Rewarding. But one adjective they never use is “dull.” True to form, there are several big changes on the horizon for the live events industry in 2020. But is there a single “biggest change”? Here’s what 14 top event professionals had to say when asked that question. There were several one-off answers, reflecting clear trends in the events space, such... Read article »

You’re a Booked Speaker… Now What?

Speaking submissions are nothing to sneeze at; they take time, research, and energy to complete and submit by the deadline. Whether you’ve applied to speak at a local event or a national (or international!) conference, it’s a lot of work simply to put your name in the hat. Fast forward a few weeks, you find out you’ve been selected! The excitement is real, but so is the realization that your work isn’t done yet. If you’re new to speaking, the next steps may not b... Read article »

Organizing an Event Seating Chart

The floorplan and seating chart are some of most significant pieces in the event planning puzzle, but they are often overlooked until the end of the process. Not only does it help to ensure organization and ease of set up, but it also helps the catering team to understand the logistics of their service area. Mapping out a floorplan layout to scale helps a caterer make sure that the tables are positioned in the correct locations, with enough room for staff to walk... Read article »

10 Event Planning Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Meeting planning can be exciting, varied and incredibly rewarding. There are countless opportunities to meet new people, travel to far-flung locations and visit unique destinations. However, event planning can also be tiring, intense and pretty stressful. Conferences often involve short lead-times, tight budgets, ever-changing schedules and ever-evolving technology. So, how can planners make their lives easier? We’ve consulted industry experts on ideas to help si... Read article »

The BizBash Top 1000 People in the U.S. Event Industry

Chosen for their work on corporate events, associations, trade shows, event strategy, and more, these people represent the best of the meeting and event industry in the U.S. Introducing the BizBash 1,000, the people with the biggest impact on meetings and events across the United States. Last year, it was difficult to keep ourselves to just 500 people in our first edition of the list. So we decided to double the amount of people to celebrate. These individuals pl... Read article »

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