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Damany Daniel | Changing How We Think About Event Planning

People don’t live their lives going to events; they live in their experiences and incorporating experiences that matter can increase their engagement and participation in any event. In this episode of the exchange podcast, we’re joined by Damany Daniel, a Chief imaginator at the event nerd, a boutique production management, and creative production agency. Daniel has over 20 years of experience in events, technical and production management, and engagement planning and strategy.

Daniel is also a co-host of the Casually Creative Podcast and a passionate event technical producer who is constantly seeking to create experiences that connect people with moments that shape them and change the world around them. His mission is to create engaging ways to integrate hybrid technology into your clients’ event experiences to execute all your events successfully.

During this episode, Daniel shares how you can incorporate hybrid experiences in real-life virtual events to improve user retention while giving your attendees the power and opportunities to connect.

In This Episode, You Will Learn About:

[00:20] Daniel Back story

[01:48] The technology shift in event planning

[04:26] Real virtual events chronicles

[09:07] How to create experiences that resonate with your experience

[10:43] Giving your attendee the power to connect through technology

[16:18] Engaging your audience by integrating intentional sensory input

[22:28] How to tell your audience the most important variables in your events

[25:40] The recipe for creating shared user experience in events

[31:30] How to remove barriers and increase attendees’ retention

[33:30] Hybrid events and how to engage your audience online

[36:03] The future of the event industry

[38:58] How to connect with Daniel

[40:27] Question and answer session


Notable Quotes:

  • “Create an experience for people to engage; it doesn’t matter what the medium is”- Damany Daniels
  • “Live event planners have to look at new technologies as enhancers and not the enemy.”-Damany Daniels
  • ‘Hybrid is giving people the power and opportunity to connect.”- Damany Daniels
  • “Our job is to listen and interpret the needs of our attendees and design for human inclusion.”- Damany Daniels
  • “Hybrid can be anything as long as we’re looking into all the materials possible to determine the right mix.”- Nick Borelli