37 Limit Breaking Female Founders Share The Top Lessons Learned from Their Experiences

Sandy Hammer Co-Founder & CMO of AllSeated

AllSeated founder Sandy Hammer boasts over 20 years of experience in the international events industry. She began as an entrepreneur establishing conferenceART, a company that produced corporate conferences, seminars, forums and brokerage events around the world for customers such as Orange Global, Telefonica and O2UK. Leveraging her events background, she created AllSeated to revolutionize and digitize the event planning process. Her position allows her to pursue her passion for educating and advancing the industry, and she enjoys being a highly sought-after national speaker. Under her leadership, AllSeated has been featured on BizBash, in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, She Finds and Los Angeles Confidential, among other high-profile media outlets.

Growing up in the UK during the Thatcher administration, Margaret Thatcher was a tremendous inspiration for me as she demonstrated power for women with acknowledgements of strength, commitment and tolerance.

Running a business and understanding commitment today is basically the same, even 30 years later. Dedication combined with hard work, a sense of purpose and that sense of flair, still remains as important as it was in mid 1980’s.


Technology never ceases to amaze us – even in the wedding industry, where we are accustomed to watching for and incorporating new innovations into our bags full of tricks. One of the most exciting recent advances is the rise of Virtual Reality (VR) capability. It is revolutionizing the way that we work with clients, market destinations and visualize design. Its impact on the wedding industry is expected to be huge.

What Is Virtual Reality?

In the recent past it was the stuff of movies, games, and imagination –  put on a pair of Goggles and be transported to destinations as far as the other side of the globe (and beyond). Today, however, you can purchase a pair of such goggles from Apple or Android, download an app to access your project or event, and see the entire venue as if you are standing directly in the room. This vivid visualization pre-delivers experiences to venues and couples in a way that has never previously been possible in this industry!

Top Influential Female Leaders in the Event Industry

Sandy Hammer

Sandy Hammer has used her over 20 years of experience in marketing and business development to create two wildly inventive businesses. She co-founded AllSeated, what they call “The world’s most innovative event planning platform” that offers virtual reality and 360 Realplans 3D diagramming among other services. She also founded conferenceART, a company that produces corporate conferences, seminars, forums and brokerage events around the world.

Partner Spotlight: AllSeated

As the leading software provider in the diverse event planning industry, we at Caterease have established partnerships with other prominent players to provide our customers with the most robust, feature-rich solution available. One of those partners is AllSeated – a dynamic room diagramming software that integrates directly with Caterease and allows users to create and maintain detailed drawings of their event spaces and collaborate easily with their customers.

Below, Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder and CMO of AllSeated, shares some amazing features that make AllSeated stand out.

AllSeated’s online network for planning events provides users the collaborative tools needed to easily organize, manage and collaborate on all planning aspects of an event.  This is a program that offers many features that can aid your team on a day to day basis. Here are 8 features that we feel separate AllSeated from the pack.