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Technology is Making a Huge Impact on the Meetings Industry

Effectively using technology is as important to meeting and event planners as to any Fortune 500 company — maybe even more because when planning an event every dollar counts. Technology has become a mission-critical tool for meeting planners and for many, the internet offers inexpensive, viable solutions for their technology needs. With each new day, combining technology with meeting planning tools — through web sites, apps, social marketing and other IT initiatives — brings planners exciting opportunities to make each meeting and event a memorable one.

Sales Tips with Tech

Virtual reality is no longer a thing of the future. In fact, it’s beginning to revolutionize the event industry and transform the way we close business. As more people are adapting to the concept, it’s becoming an essential tool for displaying the value in your products and services.

In particular, virtual tours and walkthroughs are making it possible to easily book clients from around the world, becoming an essential part of an event business’ strategy. Destination events continue to grow in popularity and being able to sell your venue to a client in another time zone can secure your spot in the market.

While technology can certainly make all the difference in a sale, you must still remain mindful of your role and how you can best utilize digital tools to showcase your brand in the best light. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you integrate tech into your sales process.

Be Business-Efficient

Take a moment to ask yourself: What would you do if you had an extra hour in the day? What if it were possible to have that extra hour every day?

By building efficient processes into your business, you can carve out extra time to dedicate elsewhere, whether it’s for your personal life, a passion project on the side, or a new endeavor for your company. Regardless, the key to freeing up more time is simply to get through your to-do list faster.

Easier said than done, right?

Through the years of running our company, we’ve all learned a bit about being smart with our time and making most of the hours we’re in the office. We almost run 24/7, with offices and employees in multiple locations, so being organized is a must for us to keep the wheels turning. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest efficiency hindrances, as well as best practices for overcoming them and finding more time in your day.

5 Top Strategies for Managing Your Time

Time management is a popular buzzword in the business world, and with good reason. By being more prudent with your schedule, you can find more time in each day that you can dedicate to anything—getting ahead on work, an extra yoga class, or an afternoon with the family.

However, true efficiency and time management can be hard to attain. After all, we live in a world of distractions and multi-tasking. So, how can a busy entrepreneur be more intentional and deliberate with their time?

Let’s hear what top national event pros have to say about their favorite time management strategies.