Here’s What Oue Skypace L.A.’S New Partnership With Mindy Weiss Means For You, Presented By Oue Skyspace L.A.

OUE Skyspace L.A. Events Manager Stephanie Estes sat down with us for a chat about the space’s new partnership with Mindy Weiss and what it means for you.

STEPHANIE ESTES: Our paths crossed with Mindy Weiss earlier this year. She came by OUE Skyspace L.A. with a client who was looking for a wedding venue. Mindy asked why she never heard of this place before—”it’s amazing.” Towards the end of our visit, she said, “we should do an event together,” to which I replied, “that would be incredible, we will be in touch soon!” Several weeks later, I ran into Sandy Hammer, the founder of AllSeated, at The Special Event tradeshow where she inquired about doing her launch event in Los Angeles. Sandy and I connected later on and after further discussion, I came to learn that Mindy Weiss is on the board of AllSeated. Needless to say, the stars aligned perfectly!

Under Mindy’s direction, our venders and stylists transformed an event into an experience! They leveraged our bright, elegant space as a canvas to tell the story of a cinema-worthy romance, narrated through a series of vignettes that utilized our stunning interiors and uncompromising views. Hosting your special event at OUE Skyspace L.A. brings good vibes, will leave guests with a wow factor they won’t soon forget, and also offers a quintessential “LA experience.”

7 Classic Wedding Ideas Brides Always Forget To Incorporate In Their Wedding

Something Borrowed & Something Blue

Is there anything more classic than including something borrowed and something blue in your wedding day? Sandy Hammer of AllSeated suggests borrowing a family member or close friend’s wedding veil, hair accessory or special piece of jewelry as your something borrowed.

“Sometimes, brides get put off by trying to incorporate something blue into their wedding day — it’s not that hard though,” she says. “Consider a light blue garter (if you are wearing one), having a piece of blue fabric sewn into the lining of your wedding gown, light blue jewelry (such as earrings or an accent ring), shoes with an accent of blue or a blue sole, or even a light shade of blue manicure.”

7 Mistakes Brides Make When Planning A Fall Wedding Outdoors

They Don’t Plan For The Cold

It gets darker earlier, which means it can also get chilly at night. Sandy Hammer at AllSeated recommends heaters for your tented affair, umbrellas available in case of rain as well as pashminas and wraps to keep your guests warm and comfortable.

7 things you should and 7 things you shouldn’t do at a wedding Read

For anyone who’s attended a wedding, you know that it’s an occasion for a couple that calls for happiness, celebration, and, hopefully, delicious wedding cake. But just because you’ve received an invitation doesn’t mean you necessarily know the rules when it comes to being the best wedding guest you can be. You’ll likely want to put your best foot forward, but with so many etiquette expectations, it’s difficult to keep track of what it takes to become a wedding guest VIP.

If you’re worried about breaking some of the wedding cardinal rules, you’re not alone. Before you head to celebrate a couple’s newly-wedded bliss, be sure to read this cheat sheet so you can feel confident that you’ll be a wedding guest all-star, from the ceremony all the way to the cake cutting.