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Sandy Hammer of AllSeated cautions against committing too much of your savings to new software and equipment can be very expensive. “Test out the free versions of apps and software to really learn if the product will assist you in growing your businness.”

How to Stay Ahead of Tech Trends

Today’s guest post comes from Sandy Hammer. I’ve invited her to share her thoughts on the impact of technology in our industry. With over 20 years of experience in the international events industry, Sandy is the co-founder and CMO of AllSeated, a collaborative network for planning events that offers tools including floorplans, 3D view, Guest List, RSVP, Seating, Timelines, Mobile Check-In and more.

The pace of the Era of Digital Transformation is faster than most of us ever anticipated. Huge shifts, like the application of Virtual Reality, are taking place and simply keeping up isn’t enough anymore. In fact, most of the wedding industry doesn’t have the necessary skill to be early adopters of the newest tech trends, let alone stay ahead of them.

Adopting tech solutions to common business challenges could give you a huge advantage over competitors and help you grab a larger market share while meeting the evolving needs of your clients. But how do you stay ahead of something that is developing at such a lightning pace?

Selling Your Venue to Millennials

The wedding industry as we know it today has transformed in leaps and bounds within the past several decades. From traditionalist details to one-of-a-kind designs, the shift between Generations X and Y (and soon Z) has played a major role in the changes that we continue to see in the market.

 When planning events, millennials don’t want the same styles that they see at their friends’ celebrations; instead, they are looking for innovation and forward-thinking ideas. They not only want the latest and greatest, though — they want it now. The digital age has instilled a need for instant gratification that can make or break a client experience, depending on a company’s priorities. If a venue wants to sell to more millennials, they must be aware of how today’s client thinks and operates.

How to Sell Your Venue

The face of modern marketing has changed. Digital marketing tools have become affordable, and some are even free. As easy as developing the digital version of a brand is, however, the standards are still high and the competition is fierce. Every trick and tool available you is equally as accessible to your competition, so execution is critical. The elements below will help you increase sales and hone a message for your prospects that is loud and clear.

Your unicorn story
Couples want to make a connection with your venue, and its origin story can be the perfect invitation in. Make your marketing more relatable by sharing it in an engaging voice. You might also consider publishing nuggets of personality—house secret recipes, your favorite specialty linen of the season, or funny behind-the-scenes events that only “insiders” would know.