NEXUS – The Next Level E-Commerce Fair Trade Show


A new reality of e-commerce was experienced with NEXUS in exVo. Real and virtual worlds merged into a hybrid reality and together with their participants and exhibitors, NEXUS ushered in a new era of the e-commerce trade show. As a hybrid event (combining the virtual and live into one), NEXUS brought online retailers, experts, and service providers together in a creative and unique way in response to the current challenges. The total of 1,800 visitors were able to usher in the e-commerce year 2021 in an elaborately designed, virtually replicated 3D trade show hall featuring seven stages, 60 presentations and speakers, and five themed worlds.

The challenges

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic has restricted in-person trade shows and has limited opportunity for networking and generating leads.
  • Since the trade show was implemented virtually for the first time, special attention needed to be given to how the in-person event ideas would work in the virtual environment.
  • A virtual platform was needed to replicate the live event experience and offer a hybrid experience. It was important to find a platform that made communication, networking, and navigation easy and engaging.
  • Five theme worlds had to be designed as a lifelike experience and seven stages had to be played simultaneously with 60 speakers over two days.

The solutions

  • There were many possibilities for the design of the exhibition stands and for branding. It was great for the real trade show feeling using the avatars which facilitated an easy way to get in touch with visitors, exhibitors and speakers so that they could network as usual.
  • The ease of the virtual environment was extremely practical - from attending stage sessions to visiting the various booths to interacting with other participants. All functions could be controlled and used via a single tool.
  • The virtual showroom provided excellent support in marketing the trade show because we were able to use it to give exhibitors and sponsors a great first impression and preview using the 3D environment.
  • A clear advantage is the saving of time and money. In contrast to a live event, a virtual trade show does not incur travel and accommodation costs and the participants save the long journey to the event venue.
  • We were able to profit from an enormously increased range by the virtual implementation of NEXUS.
  • In addition, the compact format of this trade show version provided attendees with a lot of information in a short period of time all from the comfort of their homes.
  • The virtual implementation even offers a more lasting experience than an on-site trade show as all presentations were recorded and can be viewed again at any time afterwards.

“Overall, we were very satisfied with exVo and have received a lot of positive feedback from our participants. The avatars gave that “real trade show feeling” as they facilitated the way to get in touch with visitors, exhibitors, and speakers, allowing everyone to network as usual. On behalf of the Händlerbund, we would like to thank Allseated for the good cooperation.”

Josephin Brand, Händlerbund Management AG

Met or exceeded attendance expectations

Found planning process easy and fun

Accomplished main event objective


Average Participation

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Attendee Engagement

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9.75 Hours

Average Time Guests Stayed At Event

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