mpse event case study

allseated exvo: Motion Pictures Sound Editors 68th Annual Golden Reel Awards

Livestreamed from Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles to computers in homes around the world -- the Motion Pictures Sound Editors held their 68th Annual Golden Reel Awards on the Allseated exVo platform.

The challenges

  • The pandemic required the annual in-person event to go virtual this year.
  • There was a strong need to recreate the organic and natural feel of the live event in the virtual world.
  • It was critical to find a platform that allowed attendees to join, walk around, and speak to others in the same natural manner as they can at in person events.
  • There was concern about the number of older editors who really didn’t love idea of going virtual.

The solutions

  • exVo provided a solution that created an event as close to a live event as it could be.
  • The easy navigation and ability to speak with others played a huge role in everyone’s experience, especially for older members. They really felt as though they were walking around — it was EASY.
  • Anyone could attend from anywhere in the world which was something that had never happened before in the history of this event.
  • exVo allowed us to get creative. We were able to design it as an International Film Maker event and present from all over the world. People from all over, including areas such as Sydney, Australia, India, Mexico, China, and England, were able to participate. It was so great to have an international attendance and expand the event’s reach.
  • The after party in exVo was great — people had such a great time that they stayed longer than expected.
  • Attendees were able to speak with the event’s president - exVo made it easy to connect with others and give access to people who maybe you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to speak with in person.

This event was featured in the Hollywood Reporter.

"We still got to do our little schmooze fest before the party and we had a great time at the after party. We received many compliments, people were very impressed and thought it was a really cool event experience. Everyone had such a great time and especially loved the big rotating statue and the big blimp going around. If we do it again, I'm pretty sure we're coming back to exVo."

Mark Lanza, President of MPSE

Met or exceeded attendance expectations

Found planning process easy and fun

Accomplished main event objective


Attendees who engaged in conversation

10 MIN

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