With the virtual world of the LOCATIONS trade fair hybrid, Allseated exVo returns mobility to the event industry after months of meetings and virtual events in Zoom/Microsoft Teams. With its new concept, the LOCATIONS trade fair adapts to current conditions and needs. On October 8, the first interactive hybrid trade fair event in the German event industry occurred with Allseated exVo. In addition to the live trade fair in the Forum am Schlosspark Ludwigsburg, Allseated created a virtual parallel world with a digital twin of the real venue, exhibitors and visitors as avatars, and live streaming as an interface between live and virtual.

The challenges

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic restricts the number of visitors allowed for live trade shows and events, therefore inhibiting the opportunities for exhibitors to generate leads.
  • The unpredictable nature of the virus has caused great uncertainty for event organizers with many in person events postponed and/or canceled indefinitely.
  • Virtual event formats are often considered inferior to live events in terms of mobility, interaction possibilities, and atmosphere.

The solutions

  • exVo allows for both in person and virtual attendees which increases the total number of visitors able to attend an event. With ability to join virtually from anywhere, exhibitors are able to connect with attendees for one-on-one conversations which increases opportunities and leads.
  • The virtual world of exVo provides a hybrid solution by offering a twin world of the live event but can also replace the live event at any time which provides enhanced planning security during this uncertain time.
  • exVo has given the event industry back mobility by allowing every visitor and exhibitor to navigate freely as an avatar through the digital twin of the event venue. The photorealistic 3D model of the venue and the possibility to interact at any time via video conferencing or chat recreates the live event atmosphere.

“Allseated has managed to create a virtual trade show experience in outstanding 3D quality with avatars, program participation in live streams, and direct exchange between participants. This has not only increased the communication possibilities and interactivity of the event for our exhibitors, but also significantly increased the reach and number of participants.”

Nicole Stegmann, Owner of LOCATIONS Messe

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