AllSeated Software For Event Planning

Most event professionals today realize that utilizing software for event planning is a necessary component to the success of their event business.

AllSeated is the world’s most innovative software for event planning, offering a collaborative platform with virtual reality technology to easily and efficiently create 2D/3D floorplans, seating arrangements, timelines, and more. Software for event planning will save your team time, keep them organized and on task while also achieving a high ROI. If you are currently looking to implement software for event planning, here are some of the major benefits you will experience with AllSeated.

Realtime Collaboration:

AllSeated provides a collaborative environment for you to work with your clients and vendor team in real time throughout the event planning process.

AllSeated’s floorplan tools allow you to design event floorplans to scale while also offering life-like viewing with 3D. By creating the floorplan online with the option to view in both 2D and 3D, your team can gain a clear, concise picture of the event before it even happens which gives everyone involved in the planning of an event the opportunity to envision the flow of the floorplan. If changes need to be made, they can easily be done during the planning stage and handled quickly and easily in advance of the event.

Manage the event guest list, create seating charts, and build timelines too while working with your collaboratively with your vendor team and clients on the event. While you can manage permissions within the event to control who can edit information, collaboration has never been more organized or effective regarding these important planning process tasks!

Enhanced Event Visualization:

The use of AllSeated’s 3D floorplan software for event planning brings your event to life while it is still in the planning process. When using the 3D floorplan viewing feature, you are best-equipped to create, assess and visualize the floorplan layout to determine if changes should be made before the day of the event. Without the use of AllSeated’s software for event planning, the floorplan would not be as clear which makes it much more challenging to visualize the end result in advance of the actual event.

Remove The Chance Of Error:

With to-scale floorplan and seating diagrams, virtual walkthrough capabilities and enhanced visualization, your team is best equipped to design your event floorplan and seating layouts accurately, leaving less room for the chance of error on the day of the actual event.

Venue Layout Tools

AllSeated VR image | Mandarin Oriental

Virtual Reality Technology & Virtual Walkthroughs:

AllSeated’s 3D floorplan tools and virtual reality technology provides you with the opportunity to take virtual walkthroughs of your event floorplan and layout before it even happens. 3D floorplans and virtual walkthroughs eliminate the need for on-site and in-person meetings. This plays a HUGE role in the planning of events, especially destination weddings and other destination events!

AllSeated’s special VR goggles allow you to tour a 3D floorplan in a realistic simulation. Learn more about AllSeated’s VR in this video along with the 3 easy steps for getting started here.

Designer Tools:

AllSeated designer tools allow you to build tabletop and buffet displays to-scale within your floorplans. For the first time, see exactly what fits to-scale on the tabletops in your floorplans!

The table builder and buffet designer tools currently include options for place settings, flowers, centerpieces, linens, and buffet pieces, with many more objects to come. Here’s a quick video about our designer tools!

AllSeated VR:

Another incredible feature within AllSeated’s software for event planning is AllSeated’s VR which is the event industry’s first/only genuine virtual reality capability. AllSeated VR offers seamless 3D renderings which send customers on a virtual walkthrough of your venue from anywhere in the world.

Visitors can tour a venue in 360 degrees, preview their tables and furniture, and even view a custom setup in virtual reality to achieve photorealistic immersion into your venue months before their event takes place. Learn more about AllSeated’s VR in this video!

Allseated Vision

Showcase your venue in Allseated's life-like, immersive, virtual reality technology which truly brings your property to life. Our VR uses 360 diagramming and is a genuine virtual reality tool that is able to bring venues the biggest ROI in the history of event technology!

Designer Tool

Allseated's 3D Designer Tool is a Scaled Table & Buffet Builder. It shows you exactly what can fit on a tabletop, so there is no more guesswork around how the tabletop layout will look on the day of your event. Choose from a library of items including tableware, silverware, glassware, buffet pieces, center pieces, and linens.

Create Awesome Floorplans in Minutes!

Build your floorplans in minutes using a few simple tools. Join tables, knock off chairs and save templates for future events. Get access to thousands of scaled floorplans already in our library and watch our 3D viewing bring it all to life - it's spectacular!

Managing Guest Lists Can Be Fun!

With Allseated, creating or importing a guest list is a breeze – managing it is even easier! Instantly create seating charts by applying the guest list to the floorplan.