How Pear Tree Estate Closes More Business Virtually Using Allseated Vision

With Allseated Vision, it’s incredibly easy for venues to now sell their event spaces virtually while allowing clients to visualize events at their venue. Allseated Vision venues are able to showcase their event space in a photorealistic RealView across multiple platforms including desktop, tablet, mobile, and VR headset. This provides enhanced interactive visualization for client experience and the ability for venues to close more business by virtually transporting clients to their event space no matter where they are in the world.

Pear Tree Estate, a venue in Champaign, Illinois, uses Allseated Vision. We spoke to Annie Murray Easterday, Co-Owner of Pear Tree Estate to learn more about how the venue uses Allseated to plan, sell, and execute incredible events.

About Pear Tree Estate:

Pear Tree Estate, located in Champaign, Illinois, is the ideal culmination of a beautiful space, unforgettable dining, and professional service.

Pear Tree Estate is proud to offer a versatile space for your celebration. Extravagant, intimate, or somewhere in between, your perfect space is just waiting for you. Your imagination is truly the only limitation at Pear Tree Estate. The planning and interior design will make this building into an unforgettable space that will awe your guests as they enter. With a beautiful base, you can do as much or as little as you want, and the evening will be unforgettable! As a team, we work hard to streamline the event process from start to finish. Pear Tree Estate is a full-service event venue. We have garnered a reputation for a beautifully balanced space that feels refreshingly modern and yet still true to our rural roots.

pear tree estate

What is your experience thus far with using Allseated Vision? How has it assisted you with booking new business and during the planning process?

We have found that having the ability to virtually walk clients through their very own reception during the planning process is invaluable. We live in a world where realistic visual aids are not a bonus, they are expected and in our opinion required for ease of planning. Our venue allows for numerous setup options and Allseated gives clients the opportunity to visualize their dream day – their dream way.

How do you work with prospective clients and clients using Allseated?

We utilize all facets of Allseated when working with clients. We always give them the opportunity to sign in to their event as the “client” as well as sharing the “shareable link” for ease of access. We begin working in Allseated with clients a year prior to their event, to give them time to consider all room options.

What is your favorite part of Allseated?

We love that Pear Tree Estate comes to life through the click of a button. In one click, a simple to understand 2D floorplan becomes a beautiful 3D floorplan in our venue. There is no imagination required. It’s picture-perfect

As a company, we aim to make the planning process as stress-free as possible.  It’s important for us to be able to make changes quickly and easily. Allseated allows us to make hundreds of changes throughout the planning process.

What has been your experience with using Allseated during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Allseated gave us a platform to feel hopeful during the pandemic as we had a way to keep a connection with clients and continue their interest.  We didn’t know how long until we would be able to see people again in person so it was really nice to have an option to show our event space during the time while being closed. Allseated Vision and the tools kept us going. We were able to send virtual floorplans and interact with clients through virtual tours when we couldn’t get them into the venue.

We kept thinking about how thankful we are to have invested in Allseated Vision last year. Once the pandemic hit, we said, “Ok, well we have the tools, let’s use it! Rather than have to worry about how we would continue to try to do business virtually, we were already prepared.”

What has your experience been with using Allseated’s new Physical Distance Tool?

We have been using the distance tool to plan ceremonies as well as work with other templates and layouts to determine capacities and visualize events with distancing in place. It’s really been helpful for us to rework floorplans we have already designed in the past that need to be redone to meet distance guidelines. The distance tool has been really helpful and extremely accurate for us to plan events virtually, allowing us to determine the walkways and layouts. This tool has been completely invaluable for us right now — I can’t imagine what we would be able to do without this tool! We need to make clients feel comfortable and using the distance tool allows us to do that.

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Allseated Vision

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