Top Outdoor Event Planning Tips For Weddings and Events

When planning an outdoor event, keep the following outdoor event planning tips in mind!

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor event planning tips on how to create intimacy in seating is often desired. While indoor event spaces provide natural walls and dimensions, outdoor events are often left to the imagination. When not approached properly, outdoor events can lose their intimacy, affecting event vision, decor scheme, and guest experience too.

Use the outdoor event setting as the opportunity to break away from the traditional round table in favor of unique and more intimate seating options! Family style seating is a great option for outdoor events. The use of kings tables will seat guests closer together within the floorplan, automatically giving a more intimate seating feel to the outdoor layout.

Create faux walls.

When your outdoor event planning tips are needed for farms or wineries, work with your furniture and outdoor environment to create faux walls. This will help to make the event floorplan feel intimate, like an outdoor living room.

Consider using soft and delicate pipe and drape or hedges to create a smaller, more intimate layout. Position lounge furniture in pockets to create cut off spots. Even though you may not have actual walls to work around, creating indoor environments with furniture will give off the feel of a perimeter.

Use Environment For Decor Vision.

Enhance the intimacy of your outdoor event by incorporating linens and table decor that coordinates with the environment.

Keep in mind that the basic white chairs and table linens that your venue can offer may not be the right look for your outdoor event.

Event Planning Tips Leading Up To Event

Check The Weather Forecast!

The weather forecast means everything for an outdoor event, especially when it comes to the event setup. Monitor the weather forecast in advance and have a Plan B in place for your team should the weather affect your original plan and schedule. If the forecast is calling for heavy rain and you need to load in the chairs, think ahead to build in the extra time within your event timeline to ensure you can wait out the storm.

AllSeated VR image

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Check venue rules in advance.

Many venues have rules and specific outdoor event planning tips in place when it comes to weather and outdoor event set up. Check with each specific venue for their rules in advance so that you are aware of their policies.

In the outside chance that the weather forecast can always cause the event to take place indoors instead of outdoors, check your client’s order well in advance to determine if an indoor event set up will require different items. It’s always best to be prepared.

Dress For The Elements.

It’s important to that your staff dress or the elements. You want to avoid the chance for overheating in the warm weather while also taking into account proper footwear should the event take place on ground involving grass or dirt. Remember to also consider the change in ground conditions if it may rain prior to the event, like mud!

Think ahead to also provide water for your staff as well as insect repellent, meals, and snacks to ensure they remain comfortable in the outdoor setting. If it’s extremely hot, consider setting up areas of shade. Umbrellas are a good idea too, in case of sudden rain.

Following these outdoor event planning tips will help you to efficiently plan and execute a successful outdoor event.

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