From James Berglie of Be Photography

It’s best to put together your budget before seeking out event planning companies and vendors. A good way to decide on a realistic budget for your wedding is to seek out advice from friends who already planned their own weddings and events. Let them know what you loved about their wedding and ask for their help in determining what certain things cost to figure out your budget.

Try not to let the wedding industry and event planning companies scare you too much! Look for friendly vendors, the kind of people you can see yourself working with during your planning process.

Be Photography

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From Audrey Isaac, 100 Candles

Think about your overall vision for your wedding or event. Then, consider what your lighting and decor needs may be. You don’t have to jump into shopping yet, but it’s good to have a solid idea of your dream wedding as you start looking for the right event planning companies, venues and vendors for your special day.

100 Candles

Photo Credit: 100 Candles

From Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services

Ask for help! Whether it’s hiring a wedding planner, bringing on your friends and family or a mixture of both, you do not need to go through the planning process process alone. Put together your wedding team to avoid undue stress – you’ll be glad you did when your big day comes!

Fantasy Sound Event Services

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From Megan Velez, Destination Weddings Travel Group

The destination wedding experience begins well before guests even arrive.Consider creating a wedding website in advance that covers everything a guest may need to know – accommodation details, travel info, registry links, and any other relevant resources. Guests will appreciate the one-stop shop and it will also save the couple the time of answering the same questions over and over again. Send out e-save the dates early and link to this online resource, enabling the beginning of the booking process to go smoothly.

Destination Weddings Travel Group

Photo Credit: Destination Weddings Travel Group

From Fabrice Orlando, Cocoon Events Management Group

When you start searching for wedding inspiration in terms of theme, colors and decor, just look around you! Your book collection, antique pieces of furniture, the artwork on your walls, are full of your personality and preferences. Use the commonalities between them to stir your creativity and then inform the event planning companies you are considering what your vision is.

There’s no better place for advice than receiving tips from event planning companies themselves!

Cocoon Events Management Group

Photo Credit: Cocoon Events Management Group

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