Apps for check-in are becoming increasingly popular in the events industry for all types of events. From corporate meetings and conferences to social events, event organizers and planners are learning to take advantage of event check-in software to streamline the check-in process and further enhance the guest experience.

Forward-thinking event professionals who embrace new ideas and new ways to work while looking to stay ahead of the trend curve will find they are well positioned to take advantage of whatever the future may bring.

It’s critical for event organizers and planners to not only utilize event technology during the planning process but also adapt to using apps for check-in as well. Technology is assisting with events across the board today, from the planning process through to event execution. There are many benefits to using event check-in software. Let’s examine the top reasons to use check-in apps for events.

The event experience starts at check-in.

As you focus on guest experience, the reality is, the event experience and how guests feel begins at check-in. Make it simple and efficient for guests from the moment they arrive at an event by utilizing an event check-in app which speeds up the arrival process while also allowing a guest to learn their seating assignment at the same time.

Event check-in software allows event organizers to reduce the bottle neck that can exist at event arrival by offering a streamlined and efficient check-in process.

With our always-on, connected life, event professionals and their guests don’t have the time to wait for slow service and are getting accustomed to expecting fast, streamlined service. Providing a fast and efficient way for guests to check-in to an event satisfies the expectations of today’s client and guest — fast response and service.



Eco-friendly events are on the rise. Every step an event organizer and planner can take towards going green is a step in the right direction.

Through the use of digital planning tools and event check-in software, event professionals automatically cut down on their use of paper. No longer is there a need for hand drawn diagrams, written out guest lists, and paper print outs of details.

With an event check-in app, the printed guest list and floorplan are not required at the event. When using a guest check-in app, place cards and escort are not necessary either. Easily instruct guests at check-in where they will be seated through the use of event check-in software.

Access to master seating and floorplan.

Using AlSeated’s mobile event check-in software gives you access to the master seating chart and event floorplan while at the event. Easily reference the floorplan during set up in both 2D and 3D for enhanced visualization.

With access to the master seating chart, it’s easy to show guests where they will be seated.

Real time information.

An event check-in app will give you access to real time information. Stay current on guest count along with who is already checked in and who has yet to arrive, easily and efficiently. Information is updated in real time so as organizers check-in guests, the date is updated immediately for you to see, allowing you to take an overview of the check-in status at any time.

Generate Reports.

Using an event check-in app allows you to pull reports after the event. This helps event organizers and their event teams to best learn who was in attendance and who didn’t show up for the event. Having access to reports helps to send follow ups the event as well as analyze event data which can be useful for future events.

Increase productivity.

The smallest inefficiency can set you, your team, and most importantly, your event back. By using digital tools and a check-in app at events, it’s easier than ever to increase productivity and avoid bottlenecks that can affect guest experience and overall success of an event.

With event check-in software, the check-in process is more organized, streamlined, and most efficient. Free up time and man power that in the past would go to checking guests into the event and apply it elsewhere to enhance the event experience.

Using a check-in app allows guests to spend less time during the arrival process at the venue and more time experiencing the event.

AllSeated’s Day-Of Mobile App for tablets is an event check-in software extension of AllSeated’s 3D floorplan software, giving you access to your event on the go.

The Day-of Mobile app for tablets offers a full check-in system including real-time collaboration, live check-in updates, overview of check-in status and ability to view your floorplans in both 2D and 3D. The software offers guest check-in app which allows you to let your guests know where they are sitting while also keeping track of who is in attendance, and who is unaccounted for.

The Day-Of Mobile app also gives you direct access to your master seating chart.

  • Ability to view floorplan diagrams in both 2D and 3D
  • Access to master seating chart
  • Realtime collaboration
  • Live check-in updates
  • Overview of check-in status

Tutorial to use AllSeated’s Day of Mobile event check-in app:

Day-Of Mobile App For Tablets

Allseated's Day-Of Mobile App for tablets allows you access to your events on the go. Features include full check-in system including real-time collaboration, live check-in updates, overview of check-in status and ability to view your floorplans in both 2D and 3D, and more!

A First of Its Kind - Side by Side Timelines

Create multiple timelines for your event with the ability to view side by side ensuring no mistakes in scheduling are made!

Allseated Vision

Showcase your venue in Allseated's life-like, immersive, virtual reality technology which truly brings your property to life. Our VR uses 360 diagramming and is a genuine virtual reality tool that is able to bring venues the biggest ROI in the history of event technology!

Seeing is Believing!

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Give your clients a gift they will never forget! Allseated now offers the experience of creating a Virtual Reality (VR) “look around” of a 3D designed floorplan. The VR offer will include a pair of goggles that hold a mobile phone so that you can view your floorplans anywhere and anytime. Download the Allseated mobile app now: iOS or Android.

Designer Tool

Allseated's 3D Designer Tool is a Scaled Table & Buffet Builder. It shows you exactly what can fit on a tabletop, so there is no more guesswork around how the tabletop layout will look on the day of your event. Choose from a library of items including tableware, silverware, glassware, buffet pieces, center pieces, and linens.

Create Awesome Floorplans in Minutes!

Build your floorplans in minutes using a few simple tools. Join tables, knock off chairs and save templates for future events. Get access to thousands of scaled floorplans already in our library and watch our 3D viewing bring it all to life - it's spectacular!