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A Personal End of Year Note From Sandy

Throughout 2020, all I kept saying is that we just have to get through this year, we must end this year, and I hope we make it! Like most businesses, many of us thought 2020 was going to be our year. So many of us closed 2019 with great profit and the feeling of economic […]

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corporate planning

Corporate Planning Steps To Follow For Your Next Corporate Event

Whether it’s a trade show, appreciation dinner, networking luncheon, or corporate holiday party, companies use corporate events for a variety of reasons. With the growing emphasis on staff engagement and networking, CEOs and HR managers have found these events to be invaluable. It’s imperative to stay organized throughout the corporate event planning process to ensure […]

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Event Companies During Pandemic: Adam Leffel Productions

As we continue to speak with event professionals throughout our industry who were panelists during the Connecting Our Community webinar series,  we reached out to Adam Leffel of Adam Leffel Productions to check in and see how his floral design business has been since he last joined us for a webinar in the spring. How […]

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Building Vendor Relationships During The Pandemic

  In times of crisis, we can all use a little extra support to keep us moving forward. Even amidst a pandemic that encourages physical distancing, vendors across the industry have found creative ways to show up for their colleagues in virtual capacities. Truthfully, there is no better time to work on building your industry […]

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How to Identify and Virtually Reach Your Ideal Client Avatars (ICA)

    There’s a lot of buzz around Ideal Client Avatars (ICAs) and finding them to maximize your marketing approach. In fact, you don’t need to go very far on the Internet to find a handful of similar ICA worksheets, online courses, or consultants who “specialize” in ICAs. Truthfully, ICAs are very important — get […]

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Experiential Marketing Ideas For Your Venue

    We’ve seen the wedding and event landscape place a bigger priority on the guest experience as clients recognize that even the most beautiful events are not memorable without engaging their guests. Well, the same goes for our marketing strategies; the highly-curated Instagram feeds and aesthetically pleasing websites are excellent tools, but they fail […]

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Allseated connecting community webinars

Allseated Webinars: Connecting Our Community Webinar Series Recap

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, everything from our personal lives to events came to an abrupt halt. During this unprecedented and challenging time, we wanted to do something to bring the event community together. Even if we didn’t have the answers, we could be there for each other as a source of inspiration and positivity. […]

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Streamlining Your Workflow to Improve Client Experience

  A common question in any business—but especially the event industry—is how to keep clients coming back for more. In a soon-to-be post-pandemic world, earning client referrals and winning over loyal customers is a key step towards a more profitable and sustainable future. Now, there’s no doubting the relationship between a company’s success and how […]

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Creating Event Content Marketing Amidst the Coronavirus

  When you’re putting out content in the middle of any crisis, you need to be extra cautious about how it will sound to your audience. COVID-19 is impacting everyone, but it’s not a reason to stop creating content — you just need to tread lightly. You want your current and future clients to see […]

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How To Increase Growth and Productivity Within Your Event Business

  Face-to-face business events contribute a total gross domestic product impact of $1.5 trillion, along with $2.5 trillion in sales, and nearly 26 million jobs every year. We know there is room to grow in every sector of our industry and for that, we are lucky! However, while the event industry’s upward trend over the […]

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