Whether you are hosting your first big event or are a seasoned event industry pro, these free webinars are packed with useful tips.

Using Keywords To Boost Your Business

We all want to boost our businesses, but how do you do that? All of your online content needs to be searchable for your clients to find. The best way to do that is to use relevant keywords in everything you write for the business. In this webinar, you will learn: Why keywords are so important to increase traffic to your website and engagement on social media. How to find the keywords that will convert on Google, Pinterest, and Instagram. Where you’ll wan... See Available Times »

Networking Best Practices: Turning Connections into Powerful Partnerships

Strong creative partner relationships are key to thriving in a saturated market. Kevin Dennis breaks down the essential components of building alliances in the wedding industry. Attend this session to learn: • How to determine what industry events and associations are the best fit for your brand • Best practices for networking and communication, and the benefits of leadership roles • Strategies for becoming distinguished and getting added to a venue’s preferre... See Available Times »

How To Successfully Execute Your Services When Conditions Are Less Than Desirable

The bride’s second cousin opened a floral shop and now you are stuck. She insists on a cakery that no one has ever heard of, and a DJ that has bad reviews. The question remains- how do you successfully execute your services when the conditions are less than desirable? In this session, Emily Sullivan will cover: Strategies when the vendor won’t play by your rules Vendor training you must put newbies through Ethical dilemmas and how to tackle them head on Best p... See Available Times »

Event Industry Trends and Forecasts

As the all-important supply line to caterers, planners, venues, designers, and of course the end-client, it's imperative that event professionals know what trends are on the horizon! But it can be arduous to keep up with all the different elements.   Here is your chance to get a forecast of the industry on many fronts. As creative director of AOO Events, David Merrell has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in social and corporate catering events,... See Available Times »

Get a Glimpse of How Your Clients Work in AllSeated

This webinar is perfect for all of you event pros who’d like to collaborate with your clients in AllSeated! Get a glimpse of what your client sees when they log into AllSeated to better understand the power of our tools! See the invitation that AllSeated sends to your client once you invite them into the event and how they register for an AllSeated account Learn the business benefits of working with your client in AllSeated And, most importantly, learn... See Available Times »

Bring the Power of AllSeated Onsite With Our Day-Of App!

  Bring the power of AllSeated with you to your events using the AllSeated Day-Of App! The Day-Of App mobilizes your essential event details including your floorplans, reports, and guest list. View your floorplan onsite in real-time and check in guests as they arrive! Please note: This webinar requires that you have access to AllSeated’s Day-Of App for tablets. The app is available for iPads and Android tablets and can be downloaded from the Apple or Google... See Available Times »

Hosting an Event? Get up and Running With AllSeated in No Time!

  Getting married? Planning a party? Hosting an event? This quick training session will get you up and running with your AllSeated account in no time! Tune in and we’ll show you how to quickly build your floorplans, manage your guest list, handle your seating arrangements, track RSVP’s, use the timeline, and more! Just pick a time that works for your schedule and we’ll see you there! Please register at least 24 hours in advance to receive the confirmatio... See Available Times »

Become an AllSeated Pro in No Time!

  This webinar is for all of you event professionals out there! We’ll take an in-depth look at AllSeated’s tools and coach you on how to easily build a precise floorplan, space and align tables, adjust seating, work with custom objects, create floorplan templates, build out timelines, and how to collaborate with others. Quickly learn how using AllSeated will not only save you time but also provide your clients with the best event experience possible! Please... See Available Times »

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