AllSeated Awarded 2022 Impact Company of The Year Award

DotCom Magazine today announced that The AllSeated has been selected to join its annual Impact Company of The Year List For 2022.... Read article »

Top 5 Tech Startups in the Metaverse to Watch in 2022

In 2022, tech startups in the metaverse keep increasing in number. At Evolvera, we have identified 5 of the most innovative and exciting startups in the metaverse space.... Read article »


3 Easy Ways to Plan Your Wedding Using Allseated

Looking for a tool to help organize your wedding day plans? Check out the features of Allseated — handle your guest list, seating chart, room layout and more.... Read article »

Smart Tech: Room Diagramming Software Demystified

In addition to some internal reports on the state of the room diagramming market, they were prepared to give me full editorial authority to publish an unbiased publicversion of the report, so that planners could benefit from the research as well. I’m pleased to announce that after weeks of demos, research, and countless communications with the top players in the market, Smart Meetings has agreed to publish the results of my analysis.... Read article »

The Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding

Here are our 42 top tips for how to plan your wedding, from getting organized to traversing the legal framework of a vendor contract to maintaining your mental sanity.... Read article »

The Impact Of The Russia-Ukraine War On The Events Industry

It seems that the happenings on the global stage just won’t give us a break. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is somewhat under control, there is a full-blown war on the European continent once again. And so, the Event Brew takes on yet another controversial topic this week: the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on the events industry.... Read article »

How To Plan An Event Without Visiting The Venue – #EventIcons Episode 161

On today’s #EventIcons, we’re taking a closer look at how to plan an event without visiting the venue using AR and VR in events.... Read article »

Allseated Raises $15 Million to Deliver Corporate Metaverses

Allseated announces $15 million in new funding from Trinity Capital, Vestech Partners, NYFF, Magma Venture Partners, and WGG to further scale its metaverse platform, to expand beyond events, into corporate use. The new funding will boost Allseated’s revenue growth and product development.... Read article »

6 Wedding Planning Apps and Digital Tools We Can’t Live Without

Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way to wrapping things up, here are a few digital wedding planning tools you can use to your advantage:... Read article »

Do You Need Professional Wedding Planning Software?

While a quality planning platform can come in handy, there are several different low-cost (and even free) tools that you can use instead.... Read article »

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