Event Planning Transformed With Virtual Reality

AllSeated brings its event planning and visualisation software into VR. Despite the relative youth of the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) sector, these immersive technologies have already begun having a significant impact on areas such as construction, healthcare and education, now it is set to change the Event Planning industry. When trying to plan any event, large or small, it is important for the event organisers to have a clear picture as to ... Read article »

AllSeated VR is the First Dynamic Virtual Reality Application for Event Planning, Now Available for Professionals

An innovative virtual reality application allows event planners to give clients an immersive walk-through of the venue and help them select colors and decorations. Planning a wedding or a business event is a highly specialized task, which requires a complete and clear understanding of the client’s wishes and knowing how to stay within the budget. For years, event planners have tried many creative ways of building computer generated images of the venue and getting t... Read article »

What the Big Brands Have That You Don’t

Small business owners are always looking for inspiration and the right formula to take them from their current level to the next. The big brands of the world have mastered certain approaches to their work that have pushed them to the front of consumers’ minds. By paying attention to the big brands, you can identify best practices, adopt what works for you, and increase the power and influence of your own event business. Big brands do it right I watch a lot of ... Read article »

Your Tech Savvy Team

Implementing new technology in your business can be both exciting and intimidating. There are many different comfort levels with new tech products, and you need everyone to have a base proficiency to ensure that your tools are being used effectively and efficiently. It’s important to get your entire team on board and provide the necessary support to make every member tech savvy. Team-minded training Always provide training when you introduce new technology, and ... Read article »

Tripleseat Partners with AllSeated to Give Venue Planners Access to 3D Floor Plan and Seating Arrangements

Tripleseat, the fastest growing web-based event sales and management platform with over 4,000 venues, and AllSeated, a virtual reality event-planning platform with over 25,000 venues, announced today a partnership that integrates AllSeated’s technology into the Tripleseat platform. This collaboration gives customers the power of Tripleseat’s event management features plus seamless access to 3D and VR floorplanning, guest list management and seating arrangement, savi... Read article »

Building Your Event Company’s Reputation

Reputation is everything in the events industry, whether you own an event rental business, a wedding planning business, or anything else where people are relying on you for a special ocassion. A good rep can garner referrals, earn clients’ respect, and position yourself as a thought leader. All of those things equate with increased revenue, but it begs the question: How do you build and maintain a positive reputation? Nowadays, your first impression is often thro... Read article »

Introducing New Technology to Your Team

Peak efficiency, profitability, collaboration, and communication. These desirable business attributes are within your reach. Revolutionize what you do and how you do it, while dramatically improving your client and personal satisfaction, by incorporating the latest technology into your event business. Introducing technology requires careful implementation. Training and support are essential before, during, and after rollout. Making extra efforts during this perio... Read article »

Event Planning Platform AllSeated Launches New VR Visualization Tool

AllSeated, an event planning and coordination platform, has launched a new VR tool which allows for one to one visualization of floorplans and venues for high end event planning. AllSeated’s new VR visualization tool allows for virtual walk through a venue before locking down plans, offering up a better perspective of what the venue will look like once everything comes together. Currently, over 100 venues are enabled for the new VR platform, AllSeated says, and p... Read article »

Collaborating Virtually with Vendors

All great events have at least one common factor – superior teamwork. In order to create magical guest experiences, many pieces have to fall into place, and that can only happen when a group of professionals work together with a common goal. Collaboration is key to the success of any event, but in this digital era it has taken on a virtual dimension that is revolutionizing our industry. Virtual Reality and the Events Industry The events industry was born to ul... Read article »

VR’s Impact on the Event Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most exciting technological advances to hit the event industry in years. Venues, planners, and designers are just a few of the professionals who can shed the confinement of physical and geographic borders and engage with clients in a whole new dimension. VR answers the needs of pro and customers alike, and is the way of the future when it comes to creating very special events. What Is Virtual Reality? VR technology delivers dig... Read article »

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