7 Ways To Use Family Traditions When Planning Your Wedding

Your vows are more than just you and your fiancé becoming husband and wife--it's also a celebration of your two families becoming one. With that in mind, you might want to include some family traditions during your wedding day. Some of the best wedding planners shared the easiest ways to do just that with SHEfinds. Play Meaningful Music Music can conjure up wonderful memories for family members at the wedding, says Sandy Hammer of AllSeated. "If there is a spe... Read article »

Cool tech tools for event planners

There are many, many apps and tools out there to help event planners get the job done quickly and easily. Here are a few of our favorites. AllSeated A wedding planner's dream tool, and an excellent resource for anyone who needs to set up something with assigned seating. AllSeated can create a digital, scale floor plan of your venue, allowing you to set up a precise seating arrangement and organize seat assignments as well. You can also set up 3-D views of your wo... Read article »

Inspiration | Luxe Modernity At Skyspace

With an open-air vicinity and sky-high views of the city below, OUE Skyspace in Los Angeles provides a sleek, modern backdrop for this luxury styled shoot. Organized by AllSeated and planned by celebrity event planner, Mindy Weiss, this creative collaboration was filled with blue skies, clean lines, pops of romantic florals, and a lineup of custom wedding dresses. The result? Inspiration for any couple who loves that aesthetic of luxe modernity and chic minimalism.... Read article »

Vision Quest: AllSeated’s Virtual Reality Goggles Make Your Wedding Design Easy to Imagine

Envisioning your wedding day can be overwhelming. You want everything to go as planned and see the vision come to life. If only there was a way you could see your wedding before walking down the aisle. Allseated virtual reality goggles make it possible for bride's to virtually walk down the aisle a little early. These goggles give you a 3D view of what your special day will look like. Not only can you see your furniture, reception room and set up, but you can also s... Read article »

Say I do to These Wedding Planning Apps

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. Between the caterers, centerpieces, and finding the perfect dress, you can find yourself overwhelmed trying to keep track of it all. Fret not. We’ve scoured the Internet for the best wedding planning apps to help you plan your big day without the added stress. From reusable bridesmaids dresses to DIY crafts, our list has everything you need to plan your wedding from the ground up. AllSeated From guest lists to seating arrangem... Read article »

Product Review – Plan Your Wedding In Style With AllSeated Virtual Reality

It's no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful. Between vendors, venues and guest lists, your planner can get overwhelmed quickly. That is where AllSeated comes in, a wedding planning app that takes collaboration and visualization to the next level. Utilizing a free online network that aggregates your wedding team in one place, while also providing a unique virtual reality experience that helps you arrange your event space long before you say "I do," AllSea... Read article »


Brides, grooms, and event planners can now use virtual reality goggles for wedding planning. Are you a bride who want to show her bridal party how beautiful the reception is going to look? or maybe you’re a wedding planner who wishes that your bride and groom could better imagine the layout of the venue for their big day. Regardless of your reasons, if you’re involved in any part of the wedding planning process, you’re going to want to get your hands on a pair... Read article »

Wedding Planning Tips: 21 Mistakes Couples Make When Wedding Planning

After the excitement of your brand new fiance status and all the bliss that comes with being engaged settles, the time to begin planning your wedding arrives. It’s easy for a newly-engaged couple to feel confused and overwhelmed about where to start. Luckily, that’s where we come in! In addition to providing loads of step-by-step wedding planning advice and resources, today we’ll talk you through 21 of the most common wedding planning mistakes couples make – and ... Read article »

The Best Apps For Wedding Planning

Once you've booked your venue, you can use this free VR app — which requires goggles to experience, but it's totally worth it — to design and tweak your floor plan. If you have a wedding planner, he or she can help you place the furniture and decor around the venue and make any changes through the app. AllSeated has tens of thousands of scaled floor plans for venues across the country. You can also make a seating chart and guest list, manage RSVPs, and create a t... Read article »


Couples can now experience their wedding before it happens, thanks to the first ever virtual reality wedding tool released by event tech company AllSeated. By using special virtual reality goggles, couples, planners and other vendors can now virtually tour their future wedding, complete with furniture, in a realistic simulation. VR is the latest in AllSeated’s tools that include scaled floorplans of tens of thousands of venues across the U.S., as well as guest li... Read article »

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