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Seating Chart Display Trends & Ideas For Clients

  Once the event seating chart is created, it becomes time to consider how it's displayed. We’re no stranger to the seating chart setup, but I think we can all agree that we’ve witnessed a creative transformation in how these displays have been presented in recent years, as opposed to the traditional place-cards that used to be the norm. These industry pros share their unique ideas for you to incorporate into guest seating for your next client wedding! ... Continue reading »

7 Event Security Measures and How to Empower Your Event Team

  In an era of global natural disasters, political unrest and other alarming headlines, many event professionals are left wondering how to best prepare for the unknown. Your event team can play one of the biggest roles in event security – if they’re prepared. To get up to speed on event security best practices and how to empower your event team to maintain safe and secure events, AllSeated welcomed Dahlia El Gazzar, founder of DAHLIA+ and tech evangeli... Continue reading »

Milestone Birthday Event Spotlight at Ziegfeld Ballroom

In today's event spotlight, we are featuring a Milestone Birthday Party which took place at Ziegfeld Ballroom. The Ziegfeld Ballroom event team has shared the details of the planning with us along with how AllSeated assisted in the process. About Ziegfeld Ballroom: Ziegfeld Ballroom is New York City’s premier special events venue.  Conjuring the elegance and grandeur of the 1920s movie palaces that once lined Broadway and Seventh Avenue, Ziegfeld Ballroom is a... Continue reading »

Wedding Spotlight: Traditional Jewish Wedding With Vision Event Co.

In our wedding spotlight this week, we are featuring a traditional Jewish wedding planned by Vision Event Co. Vision is an NYC based Event Planning, Media & DJ Entertainment company dedicated to elevating your event experience. We manage details, coordinate logistics, provide quality resources, and produce events you will want to relive over and over again. From coordinators to entertainers, our team is grounded in the business of creating memorable experienc... Continue reading »

How VR Has Changed How We Visualize and Share Ideas

It’s been less than 10 years since the first Oculus Rift VR headset prototype came on the scene. At first, the promise of immersive experiences and access to environments near and far seemed unfathomable. But in a very short time, VR has quickly become ingrained in many aspects of our lives, across every industry – from healthcare and education to entertainment and hospitality. Here’s a look at several pioneering applications of VR that change how we visuali... Continue reading »

50 Shades of Green Event Spotlight

Featured in our Event Spotlight today is this amazing 50 Shades Of Green Birthday Party planned by Kimberly Sanford of Chique Affairs. Kimberly was kind enough to share the event details with us, including how AllSeated assisted in the planning! Event Details: This particular event stands out in my mind, not only because it was a beautiful 50th birthday party, but because my client valued and understood the need for proper planning and event budgeting. ... Continue reading »

How 7 Brands Used AR and VR To Change Their Marketing Plan

Every brand is looking for the next big thing, and that next big thing includes incorporating Augmented and Virtual Reality into your marketing plan. While it may not be a first on everyone’s marketing list, companies big and small are already including the forward technology into their branding.   Utilizing AR and VR reaches consumers in a new, exciting and innovative way, and gives them unforgettable experiences. It takes a targeted audience to a new l... Continue reading »

April Special Guest Webinars!

We have two special guest webinars during the month of April that you surely do not want to miss! Thursday, April 4 at  1:00 PM EST Event Security: Empowering Your Personnel Many of today’s alarming headlines are instilling fear and anxiety with event professionals. Will the next unfortunate breach of security or fatal episode occur at your next event, or onsite at your venue? Are you fully prepared to take the proper security measures and empower you... Continue reading »

How Floorplans Assist With Determining An Event’s Style

  Planning an event involves many details, small and large, but a floorplan is what brings it all together. There are numerous key benefits to designing floorplans to-scale for events, including the many ways a floorplan can help dictate an event's overall design and style.  An accurate layout of the space allows the event team to collaborate on placement and logistics of furniture, audiovisual equipment, seating arrangements, and important moments, like... Continue reading »

AllSeated New Features! Check Them Out Now!

We are always looking to innovate and improve the AllSeated user experience. With that in mind, we have new AllSeated features for you to further enhance your AllSeated experience! [embed][/embed] New Log in & Registration PageCheck out the new sign up page – it has a whole new look & feel!   Scroll Bar for Floorplans TabWe have removed the ARROW UP and ARROW DOWN icons which were used t... Continue reading »

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