How To Efficiently Design A Tabletop

  Ever wonder if there are specific steps or an easy process to follow in order to efficiently design a tabletop? We spoke with Heather Rouffe of Atlas Event Rental to find out! Start With Your Linen! In all of my years in the event industry, I have witnessed how overwhelming the process of designing a tabletop can be when people don't know where to begin. This is why I always tell my staff and clients to begin by first selecting your linen. The lin... Continue reading »

How To Select The Banquet Venue For Your Next Event

  Banquets are great event options because they’re versatile, inclusive and fancy all at once. Do you want to celebrate the successes of your team? Give out awards to say congrats to all your employees? Need to raise some funds for your nonprofit? Have a holiday party? A banquet it is!  There’s a lot that goes into banquet planning such as the menu, the décor, the theme, and the overall schedule of events. One of the main things that can make or break you... Continue reading »

Tips For Caterers: How To Stay Organized During A Chaotic Event

  Working in the catering industry is not an easy task. Usually there are late nights and odd hours. The success of your catering operation usually relies on a bunch of moving parts.  Catering an event can get chaotic depending on a variety of factors. You could have a large guest list and you could’ve forgot some of your cooking equipment or you could have an extremely unruly guest. How you handle and prepare for these situations will make you a successful ... Continue reading »

Top Questions To Ask Your Potential Client

  Potential clients often have an abundance of questions for vendors before making their decisions and reaching an agreement. However, it's important as a vendor to ask the potential client some questions as well in order to understand their needs to best determine if you will be the right fit for their event. We put together this helpful list of questions to ask a potential client before reaching an agreement for their event! Do you have your event... Continue reading »

MOXI Spotlight: Planning Events at Central California’s Newest Science Museum

     MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation opened to the public in February 2017 with a nonprofit mission to ignite learning through interactive experiences in science and creativity.   The beautiful building - designed by Barry Berkus and AB Design Studio - seamlessly transitions from a whimsical sandcastle-inspired exterior with smooth curves and delicate wrought iron details to a cool industrial environment inside. All three floors ... Continue reading »

5 Benefits of Using Time Clock Software With Your Staff

  We recently hosted a special guest webinar with Ubeya on the subject of mastering workforce management with millennial staff. The Ubeya team is back today with an informative guest post offering 5 benefits for using time clock software with your staff! Running a hospitality service means you already have a lot on your plate (literally!), but on top of that you are most likely working with staff with changing work hours on a weekly, if not daily, basis. ... Continue reading »

AllSeated VR Spotlight Venue: Mandarin Oriental

AllSeated’s VR technology is the event planning industry’s first and only genuine virtual reality capability, allowing clients to view a venue’s property and event space regardless of where they are in the world. The vivid 3D visualization of AllSeated's VR pre-delivers experiences to venues and vendors’ clients in a way that has never previously been possible! The Mandarin Oriental in New York is one of the first venues to utilize AllSeated's VR. We spoke wi... Continue reading »

Virtual Reality Is Making Its Mark!

As you may already be aware, virtual reality technology (VR) is truly making its mark on the event industry! At AllSeated, we have been watching the trend for quite a while and have witnessed the  evolution of VR from it's novelty aspect to where it is now, legitimate, critical, MUST HAVE business tool. Virtual Reality is all the hype right now, especially with our visually-obsessed culture! It boosts customer engagement, while also improving our services in the ev... Continue reading »

READY, SET, GO: Beginning Your Wedding Venue Search

  We love to educate our users on all details of the event planning process and who better to ask for insight than the pros in our industry? We recently spoke with Madison Gentile, the Catering Sales Manager at The Chubb Hotel and Conference Center in Lafayette Hill, PA for advice on how to handle the beginning stages of a wedding venue search. You’re engaged! Now what? This is a common question newly engaged couples will often ask themselves. You fina... Continue reading »

Important Tools For Running A Successful Catering Business

  Every type of business has its own set of tools that make it a success. As a catering business, you need your own set of tools that will help you excel. Climbing to the top of the catering industry is not easy, and there are very few shortcuts you can take, if any. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. Review about important tools for running a successful catering business below.  Your Website Your website will be your biggest marketing tool a... Continue reading »

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