Tips for Keeping Your Event Space Fresh

    While event spaces are permanent structures, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep things up-to-date throughout the year. Having an event space that feels fresh will help attract more clients and guarantee more bookings. So, how do you do it? See our best tips below: Include Trends Trends are a funny thing because while couples will no doubt want to see them incorporated in their wedding, you don’t necessarily want to make a big change to the... Continue reading »

5 Factors to Consider When Measuring ROI

  Within any industry, ROI is an important factor when determining the success of your business. Many fail to realize however that ROI is more than just monetary. It’s understandable to be weary of shelling out money when you’re unaware of the potential return you’ll receive but there are many more factors to consider when measuring ROI! We’ve put together these 5 factors to consider when measuring ROI of an event so that you are best equipped to organ... Continue reading »

2018 Trend Report: What’s Trending In Events This Year!

    The results of the 4th annual International Wedding Trend Report are in, and there is something for every event professional to look forward to in 2018. Included below are highlights of many of the anticipated trends to help you prepare for the year ahead. Enjoy! First and Foremost – Make it Unique “Individuality is the key to 2018!” claims Jane Riddell, Owner of Planned for Perfection. “Whilst couples gain inspiration from wedding blogs, m... Continue reading »

Upcoming Special Guest Webinars!

  We are starting 2018 off with a packed calendar of special guest webinars! On January 11, join Dave Merrell, creative director of AOO Events for a preview session of his annual Event Industry Trends & Forecast. David Merrell has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in social and corporate catering events, food and beverage, lighting, technology, and more. His information comes from many sources and he’s bringing it all to you in this fast... Continue reading »

Announcing Partnership With Bright Event Rentals!

  AllSeated is excited to announce our newest furniture rental partnership with Bright Event Rentals. We’re continuing to grow our network of furniture rental company partners by offering users hundreds of pieces of custom furniture to use within their event floorplans! Bright Event Rentals serves the Northern California region with showrooms in San Francisco, Sonoma, St. Helena, and Healdsburg with new markets to come in 2018. They offer an extensive ran... Continue reading »

What You Need To Know To Finally Sort Through Those Wedding Photos!

  Ironically enough, many wedding couples and event hosts put off sorting through their images and creating albums because the process seems overwhelming. However, rather than let the months which can turn into years go by without sorting through your photos, we rounded up expertise from a few of the great photographers in our industry to easily navigate you through the photo selection process! Timeline for Receiving Images After you make your grand... Continue reading »

AllSeated’s Top Blog Posts 2017!

  As we approach 2018 and focus on planning amazing content in the year ahead, it's important to look back at which of our blog articles were most popular with our community in 2017. Determining our top blog posts from the year helps us to evaluate the content you value most so that we can strategize to bring you more of what you love. Here are some of AllSeated's top blog posts from 2017! Hottest Wedding Trends 2017 -We can't wait to share the hott... Continue reading »

Maximizing Turnout For Outdoor Events

    Outdoor events can be an extremely powerful channel for showcasing your brand. There are many ways to maximize turnout for your next outdoor event. From meticulous planning to cohesive promotional strategies and added extras, these tips will help you pull off an unforgettable event that’s bursting with happy attendees. Choose your venue wisely Choosing the right outdoor event venue is crucial to gaining buy-in and achieving a record turn... Continue reading »

Top Tips For Holiday Party Seating

  With the holiday season in full swing, it's quite likely you are currently planning a holiday party or large family gathering. If you are still wondering how to handle your holiday party seating options, who better to assist you than AllSeated?! We put together our top seating tips to help you out! Assign Tables But Not Seats If you are hosting a party with at least 20 guests and serving food, we recommend having a seating arrangement plan in place. ... Continue reading »

Event Spotlight: NYC Charity Chocolate Chip Cookie Off

In our event spotlight this week is the NYC Charity Chocolate Chip Cookie Off. Thanks to Sol Orwell for sharing this awesome fundraising event with us including why he loved using AllSeated for the planning! On November 4 2017, we hosted the NYC Charity Chocolate Chip Cookie Off. This event was a collision course of the following: A ridiculous amount of cookies (33 different and unique takes) Wondrous people (100 entrepreneurs) Journalists (40+ ... Continue reading »

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