Social Media Strategy: It’s More Than Just Posting

  By now we know it's important to have a social media strategy for an event business. Not only is social media a terrific marketing tool for promotion, it also allows new clients and vendors to easily find you. Here's the thing though! It's simply not enough to just have social media accounts created. It's also not enough to randomly share images and articles here and there. Your social media strategy MUST also include the monitoring of your accounts ... Continue reading »

Helping Your Client Incorporate Tradition Into Their Wedding

  As a planner, it's critical to think of EVERYTHING to meet your client's wedding planning needs. Your clients are relying on you to be the eyes, ears, and brains of their wedding planning. They look to you for organization, leadership and inspiration! While some wedding couples are on top of their details with their own ideas in place, others may need more direction. Since personal touches are always special, it's great to remind your client of ways ... Continue reading »

The Ins and Outs of Photography Contracts

    Planning a wedding or event involves the signing of multiple contracts and more than likely, spending large sums of money. These higher stakes require you to not only read your fine print but understand what you are reading. It's important that both parties (the vendor and client) understand their agreement as well as their responsibilities once the contract is signed. Let's take for example, photography contracts today. Photography contract... Continue reading »

Simple Ways To Instantly Improve Your Event Business

  There's no better time than right now to instantly update and improve your event business. As the busy holiday season enters full swing, taking a few minutes to refresh and review your business practices and strategies will help you to following tips will help you to feel organized and ready for the busy season ahead. First, update any outdated contact or business information. Start with your website. Is there any information listed that may be outdated ... Continue reading »

Bringing Client Expectations Back Down to Earth

    Social media is one of the most convenient sources of inspiration for clients, but also one of the biggest downfalls in terms of client expectations. Many clients will bring photos from styled shoots to event planners and professionals and insist on recreating the look at an economy cost. They don’t realize that a complete, highly skilled team with resources assembled the design, often from the highest quality available products and services. ... Continue reading »

Aisle Inspiration Ideas

  Quit often the wedding ceremony takes a backseat to the rest of reception decor planning. Sometimes it's simply an oversight and other times it's that wedding couples don't realize they need to consider their wedding ceremony decor and set up -- until the last-minute. There are so many easy ways to get creative with your ceremony with beautiful options for setting a stunning, romantic aisle. We have put together some of these aisle inspiration ideas ... Continue reading »

Current Ways To Plan Your Honeymoon

  Traditional honeymoons and their planning strategies are changing! If you are currently planning your honeymoon, you are doing so during a time when honeymoons are constantly changing shape. Apparently there’s the quitting your job type of honeymoon trends right now as well as the minimoon concept,  adventurous excursion, and even theme park trips too! While the traditional idea of a honeymoon vacation is still in play, couples are choosing out-of... Continue reading »

Event Displays: How to Get Your Products Noticed

    Learn the power of event displays and how to get your products noticed in this article! Whether you’re looking to earn brand-loyalty with customers or push sales for your latest product, events offer the opportunity for brands to get valuable face time with consumers. However, in the exhibition environment, it can be challenging to stand out from fellow vendors and get your products noticed. This is where the power of event displays play a ke... Continue reading »

The Latest in Wedding Food and Beverage Trends

    Over the last few years, there has been a resurgence in the quality, care and interest wedding couples are taking when choosing the food and beverages that will be served at their wedding. Carefully thinking about and planning the catering aspect of an event while also tying it closely to the guest experience has helped to create some the newest and most innovative trends seen at weddings and events today! Here are some of our favorites whe... Continue reading »

Technology In The Wedding World

It's always interesting for us to get an inside look at how event professionals are utilizing technology to plan events.  TyAngela Hunter of Beautiful Dream Events shared her thoughts on technology and the wedding world with us and here is what she said! As a planner, I rely on technology not only to make the planning process smooth but to keep the wedding couples that I work with on track too. Even when I am booked with appointments and out of the office, techno... Continue reading »

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