Cultivating a Client Experience

    Client experience has always been important, but it is now more critical than ever. Instant access to numerous vendors via event planning websites and social media can swipe a lead from you before you ever have the chance to appear in search results. The most reliable source of new business is referrals from happy clients and creative partners, and you can only earn these by providing outstanding service.   Building an exceptional repu... Continue reading »

Event Technology: Then & Now of Virtual Reality

In the last two decades, thanks to feature films movie-goers received a glimpse of the future of virtual reality as the next wave of technology. In 1992, Steven Spielberg’s cult science fiction film “The Lawnmower Man” introduced the “virtual reality” term for the first time, with its tale of a scientist who used VR technology experiments to accelerate the learning of a mentally handicapped gardener. In 1995, Kathryn Bigelow’s science fiction thriller “Str... Continue reading »

Engagement Gold Rush: How to Set Your Wedding Business Up for Success

  While now can be considered the best time of year to book leads and grow your wedding business, it can also be the busiest time of year. If you’re located in warmer climates like I am, you likely have to balance engagement season with peak wedding season as well.  Balancing all of the facets of a wedding business can seem overwhelming without the proper systems in place. Let’s walk through a few ways you can get organized once and for all and set yourse... Continue reading »

How International Event Planning Companies Can Successfully Grow in 2019

What is the value of face-to-face meetings? Try more than $1.03 trillion. That’s the worldwide direct spend of the meeting and event industry, according to the 2018 Global Economic Significance of Business Events report from the Events Industry Council (EIC), conducted by Oxford Economics. In addition, face-to-face business events contributed a total gross domestic product impact of $1.5 trillion, along with $2.5 trillion in sales, nearly 26 million jobs, an... Continue reading »

Winter Comfort Recipes From Marcia Selden Catering

In our latest recipe post courtesy of Marcia Selden Catering, we spoke with Managing Partner/Executive Chef, Robin Selden on the topic of winter comfort recipes using chestnuts. Read on for recipes and in-depth details on cooking with chestnuts! The Skinny on Chestnuts Harvested from October through March, December is the prime month for fresh chestnuts. If you are unable to find them fresh, most markets sell them canned, pureed, or preserved in sugar or syrup... Continue reading »

Why You Want to Consider Your Food Before Creating Your Event Layout

  From an outside perspective, organizing food setup and an event layout seem like two totally different things that wouldn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. However, from an industry standpoint, we know that a caterer setting up for an event (including the types of food served) should also coordinate with how an event is organized in terms of layout. There are a number of variables that factor into pulling off a seamless, well-orchestrated event. How the ov... Continue reading »

NYC Anniversary Party Event Spotlight

  Event spotlights give us the opportunity to take an in-depth look behind the planning process of an event. In today's event spotlight, a member of the AllSeated team used AllSeated to plan a family event! Meredith has used AllSeated for previous family events, including her son's Bar Mitzvah. This time, she used the AllSeated platform to plan a special surprise 50th wedding anniversary party for her aunt and uncle who live in Manhattan. Meredith's co... Continue reading »

Trending Now: The Day Of Wedding Coordinator

  One of the hottest trends in wedding planning right now is the use of a day of wedding coordinator. A day of coordinator, also known as a wedding day coordinator, can really assist wedding couples in so many wonderful ways on the actual day of their wedding. Hiring a day of coordinator will help to alleviate a lot of the stress associated with the final days of planning as well as reduce the pressure often associated with day-of logistics. A wedding couple... Continue reading »

How to Open Up Your Event Venue for More Collaboration

  For planners, finding and booking an event venue is likely the biggest decision they’ll make. And because it’s also typically the largest line item in the total budget, the pressure is on to find a venue that is a true partner and works collaboratively to bring event goals to fruition. However, being collaborative doesn’t mean anything goes. After all, venue management has rules for a good reason -- you’ve made the investments, you’re there every day ov... Continue reading »

AllSeated Winter Webinars

We have three new special guest webinars on our winter calendar. Sign up now to reserve your spot to learn from our industry experts! January 23 | 12:00 PM (EST) Why Event Coordination is Necessary Across All Event Markets In this webinar with Daniela Grafman of Vision Event Company you will learn: The difference between traditional Event Planning and Event Coordination. How both event professionals and clients can benefit from the service. How Event C... Continue reading »

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