New York Technology Luncheon

  What a spectacular day we had at the New York Technology Luncheon last week in Manhattan at Second Floor! It was truly amazing to be surrounded by so many talented event industry professionals and watch them be wowed by the launch of our game changing virtually reality using Oculus GO! With AllSeated’s VR now available on the revolutionary Oculus GO, we are breaking the mold of traditional efficiency tools, and completely transforming the way vendors... Continue reading »

Southern Weddings & Sentimental Traditions

  Corie Miller, Event Specialist at Larkins On The River is here today to share a glimpse inside southern weddings and sentimental traditions! Weddings in the south are like nothing else. For southern weddings, wedding couples and their vendor teams pull out all the stops to the point where the entire town checks their mail in hopes they were blessed with an invitation!  Next time you attend a southern wedding, take a good look around, you may notice a... Continue reading »

Tips For Vendors During Outdoor Event Season

  Quite often when people think about outdoor event planning strategies and considerations, their initial thoughts focus on the host and guest experience side of an event - like having a Plan B, keeping guests comfortable etc - however, it's equally important for vendors to prepare for and develop their outdoor event planning strategies and practices as well. We put together the top tips for vendors during outdoor event season as it's critical to always b... Continue reading »

Planning a Maine Wedding

  It's always interesting to learn about the various wedding destinations and venues throughout the world. We spoke with the team at Bar Harbor Catering Company to learn more about what it's like to plan and host a Maine wedding! Did you know that Maine is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the US? There’s a plethora of charming venues, historic hotels and, of course, idyllic settings, and one location in particular that calls to many is... Continue reading »

Pros Share What They Learned From Their First Event

  Even the most respected and recognized veteran professionals have been there: the first event. We’ve all had them, and many of us have spent years trying to forget ours. However, first events are some of the best learning experiences around. At the risk of triggering some long-suppressed memories, we talked to some of today’s top talent and asked them to describe the lessons they learned from their own first events. Here is what these brave souls shared. ... Continue reading »

June Special Guest Webinars

  The month of June will feature two special guest webinar sessions guaranteed to educate and inform! FOMO – Where Marketing & Event Design Meet with Nick Borelli On Monday June 4 at 12:00 PM (EST), join Nick Borelli for a webinar session on FOMO - Where Marketing & Event Design Meet. Successful event design gives attendees the backdrops and contexts that enables them to show off their passions and values to their friends. How will your next... Continue reading »

Trends in LGBTQ Weddings

  LGBTQ weddings continue to establish their own place in the wedding industry with a language full of relevant vocabulary all their own, an emerging demographic, and some needs unique to the LGBTQ community, with others similar to many hetero couples. We took a look at the emerging trends in LGBTQ weddings to help educate and assist in the planning for weddings within this dynamic market. Age at Time of Wedding The average marrying age for LGBTQ coupl... Continue reading »

Vernal Equinox Experience Spotlight

  What an INCREDIBLE Vernal Equinox Experience we had at the Bently Reserve in San Fransisco, California. We were thrilled by the response to our launch of our new Virtual Reality Oculus Go while Natasha and her team at Entire Productions put together an outstanding event! In our event spotlight this week, the team at Entire Productions has given us a glimpse inside the planning that created magic behind the Vernal Equinox Experience. The ide... Continue reading »

Event Pros Share the One Thing in Business They Can’t Live Without

  Event pros know that starting and nurturing a business can sometimes be an uphill battle with a lot of trial and error. Your event business is vastly different from the next. Not necessarily in content but in how you approach problem-solving and creating visibility for your brand. If you were to take a look at your business growth from when you first began, you’re likely to attribute your success to a few tried and true game-changers. Back to Basics ... Continue reading »

How to Create and Brand Your Instagram Highlight Covers

  As a follow-up to the 3 Ways To Use Instagram Stories post, Liese Gardner is back to share with us a step by step approach for how to create and brand instagram highlight covers!  Instagram Stories and Highlights are the fastest growing feature on Instagram and provide a fresh way to reach and interact with your ideal client.  While Stories are real-time glimpses into your life or business day and last for 24 hours. Highlights allow you to save and g... Continue reading »

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