ALLSEATED VISION CASE STUDY: THE PLAZA, NYC - AllSeated: Seating charts, floor plans, and guest lists for your event



The Plaza continues to define elegance with unmatched service and an ever-evolving modern sensibility, featuring the unsurpassed benefits that Allseated has provided to them and their clients.

The Challenges

  • The diagram systems in place were antiquated and lacked ability to create a 3D representation for clients to visualize their event.


  • The team only had the ability for clients to see the space as is on a site visit or through photos.


  • Scheduling conflicts, distance, and the inability to showcase the space in person were slowing down the selling process.

The Solutions

  • Offer clients options that set us apart from our competitors by providing state of the art technology in a landmarked venue


  • Ability for clients to virtually walk through the spaces at their convenience


  • Speed up the closing process by offering solutions to see the space as if the client was in the middle of an event.

“Including Allseated as part of our selling process has given us the opportunity to show current and prospective clients that we are staying up to date with trends and technology in our industry. It’s been a wonderful tool both onsite and offsite to feature our spaces in various setups, really giving our clients the ability to envision their event with us.”

– Ali Ciafre, Assistant Director of Catering, CPS Events at The Plaza –


Boost sales capabilities, maximize time savings, and simplify processes while collaborating in realtime to deliver accurate layouts.

Operational efficiency


Reduction in time spent diagramming, iterating, and managing day-of setup errors.

Real-time updates on to-scale floorplans increases accuracy for planning and execution and accelerates customer buy-in.



ROI over one year based upon eliminating 2.5 hours spent on diagramming, communication, and set up per event.

Rapid return of investment and higher customer satisfaction.



5 no-tour events booked in one year due to pre-event layouts.

Allseated's visualization ensured higher sales.



ROI over one year including annual subscription and VR setup.

Rapid return of investment.