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Why Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business


As we’ve previously discussed, having a social media strategy is a business must in today’s world in order to stay relevant while also growing your business and reaching potential clients. While Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are necessary and great platforms, don’t forget about Pinterest!

Pinterest is a powerful social media platform to grow your business and expand your reach.

There are many key reasons to use Pinterest to grow your business right now – let’s take a look!

Increase Traffic To Your Website

One of the greatest benefits of using Pinterest for your business is the ability to drive a massive amount of new traffic to your website. Research actually indicates that Pinterest often leads the way in referral traffic beyond all other social media channels combined!

But how exactly do you get the traffic over to your website?

Pin Your Content

What do you have on you site that you can “pin”? Blog posts, featured articles, FAQ sections, product images, event photos and even your site’s cornerstone pages can all be used as quality content pins on Pinterest.

Take an example of AllSeated’s Pinterest page, where we include unique and individualized boards for our blog posts, features & FAQ’s to help our audience learn more about us and entice them to learn more by heading to our website.

Expand Your Reach

As with any social media platform, building a Pinterest audience will take time and the quality of your followers will always outweigh the quantity. However, that shouldn’t stray you away from getting started with Pinterest. Begin to pin, organize your boards and pin other Pinner’s content too.

Expand your reach by being consistent in your Pinterest strategy and engage with others by pinning content from their boards. Pinterest brings in over 100 million monthly active users which is a HUGE audience and one your business should be a part of for sure!

Remember that it’s important to not only pin your own content but the content of others within the industry. This helps to create brand and business relationships while also providing your followers with a broad range of images and ideas to pin to their own boards.

Increase Brand Authority

Pinterest allows you to show a wide range of information and topics relevant to your business and your followers. As planners, caterers, and vendors try to increase brand recognition, consider gaining brand authority by showcasing related content that may be of interest to your clients and followers. Anything related to event planning, be it decor, budgeting, tools, and lifestyle may apply and be pin worthy! Not only does this help to educate your audience with a wider variety of content, it helps to prove your  credibility by staying on top of trends and ideas.

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