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One of the hottest wedding trends right now is the use of a Day Of coordinator. A day of coordinator, also known as a wedding day coordinator, can really assist wedding couples in so many ways on the day of their wedding, alleviating a lot of the stress and pressure often associated with the big day!

You may be thinking that a day of coordinator sounds similar to a wedding planner but really, a day of coordinator is actually quite different! We wanted to bring this fairly new type of service to your attention so we spoke with Carla of Details Made Simple to learn more about a Wedding Day Coordinator.


Details Made Simple

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a day of wedding coordinator?

The difference between our services as wedding day coordinators and what a bride receives from working with a wedding planner is that we do not get involved in the full wedding planning process. This means that we are not a part of the event design or any of the planning that goes into everything that leads up to the wedding day.

As wedding day coordinators, we offer wedding day management and support for the already planned weddings. We are there to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the actual day of the wedding. Wedding couples can enjoy planning their own wedding while knowing that they can hand it all over to professionals like us to ensure that it is all executed seamlessly.

Details Made Simple

At what point in the process do you come in to a bride’s planning?

It really depends upon the wedding couple and what they want! We have brides that book our services early on in their wedding planning process because they know that they want us there for the day of the wedding. We also have brides who call us closer to the wedding as the stress begins to mount. Some brides want to talk to us during the planning process more than others.

While we don’t assist with the actual planning, it is nice for the brides to speak with us during the planning just to keep us up to date on the latest details.

What are some of the things you do to help the bride?

Our main goal is for our wedding couples to feel like guests at their own wedding. In order to accomplish this, organization is key! We construct an extremely detailed timeline for the day of the wedding. We confirm and manage all of the vendors involved and become the point of contact for the day of the wedding so that the couples do not have to be bothered with these details! We monitor the set up of the wedding, organize the bridal party and family members for the ceremony and of course, do damage control for anything that might come up!

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Do you offer different levels of service? If a bride is working within a tight budget, is there a package available to her?

Yes! We have two packages that we offer; The Peace of Mind Package, which perfect for the bride that has it all together but knows they need a savvy professional day-of to make sure their day goes as planned.

We also have our bigger package, The VIB Package (Very Important Bride). This package is for the bride that just needs more, we get a lot of out of state clients that need someone here to help, tons of DIY brides (we love DIY) so they need a lot of help prior to the big day with those projects.

Also a lot of no-traditional weddings like backyard, barns, vineyards. At a venue that doesn’t have traditional wedding staff, like a Maitre’D and Bridal attendant, we tend to play many roles that day and get hired to make it all happen seamlessly.

To make it easy and very transparent, all of our package information and pricing is on our website. We have add-ons that can be added in like Rehearsal Coordination or DIY projects so we make sure you have the best package for your needs!

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