Top Tech Must-Haves At Your Holiday Party Venue

It’s officially the holiday party time of year! We’ve got several blog articles up our sleeves to help you easily and efficiently plan the best holiday parties yet. Let’s start today with the top tech must-haves at your holiday party venue.

A Reliable WIFI Signal

We can all agree that  WIFI is no longer considered a convenience at events. It’s a necessity! Research shows that poor WIFI is the 3rd most frustrating factor with reception venues and venue selection.

When researching reception venues for events, be certain to double-check the WIFI connection and accessibility. Can everyone access it? Is it a public WIFI or will your guests need a WIFI passcode?  Is the signal strong? These are all WIFI variables to explore before the day of your event.

Charging Stations For Guests

As technology has become a prominent focus for an entire event planning process, it’s important to consider how to keep it up from start to finish. Guests often look for a place to recharge their tech devices so consider having charging stations at your party. Also, keep in mind the strategic placement for the charging stations so that guests can continue to network, mix and mingle while charging their devices.

Lighting Options

Lighting goes a long way in setting the mood for an event. It become a bonus if the venue offer the option to make multiple changes to the lighting, and in turn the mood of your holiday party, instantly.

A dim, romantic light is a great way to set the tone for the night but enhancing the lighting when you want to excite your guests or have them anticipating what’s coming next is a great way to spark fresh energy throughout the room. Changeable lighting is a major technology plus when it’s available at reception venues.

Plasma Screens

Remember back to the time when it was necessary to print enough flyers, brochures, and other promotional items for events? Not necessary anymore thanks to the digital signage options! With digital signage, you can promote your business or event with technology. Animated slide shows or marketing messages can be displayed on plasma screens, IPads, and more. Since you already have WIFI and charging stations, getting your digital signage up and running at reception venues should be easy to implement.

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