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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Caterer


The wedding planning process can certainly be overwhelming but we are here to help you!

Our expert catering panel (from our Bridging The Gap Series – click here if you missed the video session!) put together a joint list of the top 10 questions wedding couples should know to ask their caterers before signing a contract.

By arming yourself with as much wedding planning knowledge as possible, you will feel more confident and organized in your planning and have a much better understanding of the process.

Question #1: What is the pricing structure and what does it include?

Most caterers will provide you with a list of packages that are available to you at various price points. Be sure to ask what each package includes if the details are not clear to you when you are presented with the information. You want to understand everything you are reading!

Question #2: Can you list the various types of food service options (plated meal, buffet etc.) that are available to me?

You will likely have a choice in how the food is served to your guests. Each food service style typically comes with a different price point which is worth noting so that you can make the best decision for your budget.

Question #3: What is your role the day of my wedding? Are you involved? Who is my go-to person that day?

You may meet with the head caterer/owner of the company but will you be working with them throughout your planning process or does your affair get handed off to someone else? This is important so you know who you will be contacting!

Question #4: Do you have a Liquor License Liability/Certificate of Insurance?

Very important question to ask if alcohol will be served at your wedding.

Question #5: Planning process: how many meetings will I have, is it unlimited?

Some caterers allow for unlimited meetings and some do not – it’s best to find out how your caterer will be working with you.

Question #6: Do you offer tastings and how far before the wedding do they take place?

Many caterers offer you a tasting option so that you can experience the food in advance of selecting the menu for your affair. If you want to try the various foods that may be on your menu, ask your caterer how and when you can do so.

Question #7: What is the payment schedule? How do I handle tipping? How do you like to receive payments?

It’s best to knock out the payment schedule and structure early on in your process so that you are financially prepared for the day of your wedding. Planning and organizing in advance reduces stress and scrambling later on!

Question #8: Are there any hidden costs? Like for things such as furniture rentals, linens, anything else?

Sometimes we do not think about, know about or count the secondary details but they can add up! Be sure to outline all details with your caterer early on in your planning process.

Question #9: How will my wedding be staffed? What is the staffing ratio?

It is important to ask your caterer how many servers and staff will be on hand to work your affair. You want to ensure that there is enough coverage to attend to your guests. Questions about servers, valet parking staff, coat check assistants should be asked as well.

Question #10: Is the cake included in my price?

Some caterers include the wedding cake in their catering package, some do not. Some caterers allow you to bring in an outside wedding cake and some do not. This is a topic to cover early on so that you are aware of how the wedding cake is procured.

Watch for our list of the top 10 questions to ask your photographer – coming soon!

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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Caterer


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