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Tips for Planning A Destination Wedding



If jet setting to a destination location for your wedding seems overwhelming, do not let that stop you from planning a destination wedding! Destination weddings can be just as easy to plan as if you were getting married in your hometown as long as you take the right first steps.

Do Your Research  

The first step is to decide on a destination wedding location. Whether you are thinking  of a tropical destination or something a little closer to home, it is necessary to make sure you do your due diligence. Start with looking at the weather and when seasonally would be the best time to host your celebration. Don’t just think of what the weather would be like at your destination but what it would be like for your guests when flying or driving from where they live during that time of year. For me, being in New Orleans means that June 1 – November 30 can be tricky with hurricane season. But that doesn’t mean that weddings don’t happen during that time of year, it just means we have definite plans set in place just in case.

When it comes to getting married, one VERY IMPORTANT yet overlooked detail is the marriage license! Be sure to review the policy for the specific state or country you are considering before booking your trip. For example, when wedding couples come to New Orleans, they are required to apply for the marriage license 72 hours prior to the wedding day.

Find Your Dream Team

After selecting the perfect destination wedding location, it’s time to start assembling a dream team of vendors. It is essential to have some boots on the ground when planning from a distance, and a wedding planner is a perfect person to have in your corner.  Use the Internet to start out your research but do not rely only on what you see online. In your preliminary search, narrow down to a few contenders that stand out and then reach out individually to set up a Facetime or Skype meeting. Even though you are not able to meet with them in person, a virtual introduction can still give you an idea of their personality and knowledge. Be sure to ask for references that you can contact and ask to see more of their portfolio to get a better sense of design style.

The next item to check off your list is the venue. Your wedding planner is going to be key to this process. They can suggest places that will fit your aesthetic. Once you have narrowed down your list ask your wedding planner to set up a walk-through with the venue. During the walk-through, consider Skype or Facetime to get a better feel for the venue.

Now that you have a planner and a venue, the rest of creative partners will fall into place. Consider using the suggested vendor list from the venue since those particular companies are comfortable working in the space and collaborating together.

Lindsay Landman destination wedding

Photo Credit: Allan Zepeda / Lindsay Landman Events

Use Event Technology

AllSeated makes it really simple to plan and manage all details of a destination wedding. Easily collaborate with your venue, vendors, and planner on all aspects of your wedding including your floorplan layout, seating arrangements, timelines and more! Planning your destination wedding or event with AllSeated keeps everyone on the same page and up to date in real-time, helping you to feel as though you aren’t planning from afar. The ability to take a virtual walk-through of your floorplan eliminates the need for you to be there for on site meetings, making it so much less stressful for you as you plan your destination wedding.

With these helpful tips you can be certain that your wedding away from home will be stress free and seamless from start to finish.

Emily Sullivan is the owner of Emily Sullivan Events, a full-service wedding planning company based in New Orleans and serving couples everywhere. 

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